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how much does a tiler cost

How Much Does a Tiler Cost – Everything You Need to Know

Whether you need to renovate the kitchen in a house you’ve just purchased or update those tired-looking bathroom tiles to something more pleasing to the eye, it’s a job that needs doing.  But can you do it yourself, or should you hire a professional? And how much does a tiler cost? With workmanship, time and labour […]

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laminate flooring fitting cost

Laminate Flooring Fitting Cost – The Ultimate Guide [2019 Edition]

Whether you’re after a streamlined look or something that’ll repel dirt and damage, laminate is a popular option for your floor. Unlike vinyl, laminate is able to withstand items being dropped from a great height.  It’s not subjected to stiletto heel damage as wood can be (I speak from experience), and it can take a fair […]

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cost of removing pebbledash

What Is the Cost of Removing Pebbledash? [2019 Edition]

The mere phrase ‘pebbledash’ conjures ghastly images of grey, boring houses. But in addition to being used to knock up cheap housing, pebbledash — or rough-cast render — was also a big part of the Arts and Crafts movement.  On the other hand, if your home’s original features have been covered with post-war pebbledash, you might […]

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vinyl flooring installation cost uk

Vinyl Flooring Installation Cost UK – The Complete Guide [2019 Edition]

If your carpet has seen better days, or your kitchen floor desperately needs updating, you might be pining for a new surface underfoot. Vinyl flooring is easy to maintain and is hard-wearing – great for high traffic areas. But what is the full cost of vinyl flooring installation in the UK, and is it something you […]

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