cost of removing pebbledash

Cost of Removing Pebbledash in 2024 (UK Price Guide)

If your home’s original features have been covered with post-war pebbledash, you might want to restore it to its former glory. I know I was!

Before determining the cost of removing pebbledash, it’s important to know what it is, why it’s there, and the best ways of removing/covering it.

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What is Pebbledash?

Pebbledash involves throwing smaller stone fragments onto wet mortar on an external wall.

Conversely, rough-cast rendering requires mixing larger stones or pebbles with cement and sand before applying the mix to the walls. The latter creates a smoother finish which is usually painted or limewashed.

Favoured for covering up damage and/or building cheaper houses in the post-war years, pebbledash creates a more textured finish and is also used on houses in areas prone to coarse weather.

What’s Involved in Removing Pebbledash?

Before finding out what’s involved, consider your reason for wanting to remove it. 

Of course, you might dislike it. It’s not the most popular choice of fascia in the 21st century, and as a result, this might affect its value. But consider why it may have been applied in the first place.

Pebbledash is usually good for around 20–40 years, so it’s possible that it’s beginning to crumble away, which needs rectifying ASAP. Pebbledash rendering is designed to protect the outer shell of your house, so if it’s cracking or dropping off in patches, it’s exposing the house to potential problems with damp.

So, what are the options? Below are the 3 ways of dealing with crumbling/ugly pebbledash:

1. Removing Pebbledash

Removing pebbledash isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible for the average DIYer. It’s a labour-intensive process using hand tools, and the brickwork needs cleaning to restore it to its original state.

Lifestyle blogger Simone Olivia had this done to her Victorian terrace. She shares the details and process in this post.

Bear in mind, though, that this could uncover — or cause — damage to the brickwork underneath, which would need repointing.

2. Repairing and Painting the Exterior

You can hire someone to repair any damaged surfaces. However, this will cause problems with mismatched areas. It’s possible to paint it, but this is difficult, given the surface’s texture.

Paint rollers won’t work, and stippling the entire area will take a long time. Spray painting is much more efficient.

3. Rendering the Wall

A properly executed rendering job involves removing the existing pebbledash and rendering over bare bricks. Rendering over the existing finish adds unnecessary stress to the walls.

So, what’s the cost of removing pebbledash and re-rendering? Read on to find out…

Cost of Removing Pebbledash — 2024 Price Table

Prices include scaffolding where appropriate. Painting is extra and not included in the table below:

Job Type/SizeDetailsAverage CostTime
2-bed bungalowRemoving the existing render and applying a flat render, finished with a damp sponge for a smoother finish£2,100–£3,0004–6 days
3-bed semi-detached houseRemoving the existing render and applying a flat render, finished with a damp sponge for a smoother finish£3,800–£5,2005–8 days
4-bed detached houseRemoving the existing render and applying a flat render, finished with a damp sponge for a smoother finish£6,300–£7,8001–2 weeks
3-bed semi-detached houseRe-rendering with a pebbledash finish and added masonry paint£4,000–£7,0002 weeks +

Prices will also vary depending on your location, preferred or recommended removal method, and any remedial work that may be required, such as repointing.

Hiring a Professional — Top Tips

  • Obtain a selection of at least three quotations in writing.
  • Get a price for the entire job and an estimated time of completion.
  • Ask for each quote to be itemised for easier comparison.
  • In addition to labour, scaffolding (where appropriate) and material costs, disposal/clean-up charges may be incurred. Check to see if this is included.
  • When obtaining quotations, ask for their advice on your best course of action. Depending on your preference, an experienced tradesman can decipher which type of rendering job best suits you and your property.
  • Always ask for reviews and recommendations and, if possible, speak to previous customers.

Can I Remove Pebbledash Myself?

Removing pebbledash is a difficult and labour-intensive process. That’s not to say it can’t be done yourself, but after attempting this project myself many moons ago, I highly recommend hiring an experienced professional.

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Final Thoughts

You now know the various options and the rough cost of removing pebbledash in the UK. While it’s possible to do this project yourself, we highly recommend hiring a professional.

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