how much does a tiler cost

How Much Does a Tiler Cost in 2022? (UK Price Guide & Money-Saving Tips)

Whether you need to renovate the kitchen in a house you’ve just purchased or update those tired-looking bathroom tiles to something more pleasing to the eye, it’s a job that needs doing. 

But can you do it yourself, or should you hire a professional? And how much does a tiler cost? With workmanship, time and labour to consider, we’ve pulled together the info you need.

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What Type of Tile Job do You Need?

new stylish kitchen with small dining room

Weighing up the cost of hiring someone to do the job, versus deciding whether it’s something you can do yourself, depends on the task.

Fitting a kitchen splashback, for example, is a relatively small job and is something you could potentially undertake, as demonstrated in the video below.

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On the other hand, the tight corners of an en-suite bathroom or cloakroom – and little space to work in – might well require extreme patience and attention to detail.

At the other end of the scale, fitting a new tiled kitchen floor is a larger job and a bigger commitment. And let’s not forget the availability of tools you may need.

Tiling Costs to Consider in 2022

How much a tiler will cost depends on not just where it needs doing, but the type of tile and the area you need to be covered.

Mosaic tiling is intricate work and will take longer, as will an unusual pattern, which may also result in a fair amount of wastage. If your room has an unusual layout, there will be lots of tile cutting involved. 

It’s best to choose your tiling type first to determine how much your material cost will be. Floor tiles will be more expensive than wall tiles due to their composition and nature of use. Square and rectangular floor tiles are kinder to your wallet than hexagonal or octagonal ones.

When working out how many tiles you need based on the area you want to be covered, it’s a good rule of thumb to include 10% for wastage. Other essential material costs will include grout and adhesive.

If you do choose to use a professional, make sure they include this in your quotation, as well as any prep work. 

Labour costs will of course range from the complexity of the job, the experience of the labourer, and whereabouts you are in the country. That being said, you could expect to pay on average about £50 per square metre*.

This won’t include any remedial work that might need to be carried out first, such as the levelling of an uneven wall, or the surface preparation of a floor.

The following figures are obtained from data gathered by Local Heroes and provide a range and an average of prices based on sample tiling jobs. A professional may also charge a day rate of between £150 – £200* for a tiling job if it’s likely to take more than six hours.

Job Type/SizeDetailsCost RangeAverage Cost
Kitchen SplashbackIdeal for protecting the cooker wall when you don’t want to tile the whole kitchen.£148 – £367£218
Cloakroom bathroomSmall space requiring a good level of skill£175 – £545£230
Tiling a bathroom or showerThe price depends on the size of the room and fixtures£150 – £521£248
En-suite bathroomSmall space requiring a good level of skill£220 – £476£304
Kitchen FloorConsider the size and layout of your room, which will affect the number of tiles required£213 – £949£355

*Prices obtained from

As always, remember the following when requesting a quote: 

  • Get a price per job, not an hourly rate
  • Obtain a selection of at least 3 quotations
  • Ask each tradesman to provide a price breakdown for easy comparison
  • Always ask for testimonials or reviews

Tiling – Can you Do it Yourself? 

tiler doing home renovation

If you have the time and wish to save money, it’s by no means impossible to do this yourself. Take a look at this article from HSS Hire for a beginner’s step-by-step guide on how to tile a floor.

Remember though that a home improvement programme may make a job look easier than it is, to get perfect, anyway. The last thing you want is to end up with a messed-up job, as it’s not an easy one to correct once those tiles are stuck. 

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How Much Does a Tiler Cost – Final Thoughts

If you’re an amateur when it comes to tiling but fancy giving it a go yourself, it might be wiser to attempt an area that won’t be subject to water ingress.

I speak from experience when it comes to tiling a shower area; if not done properly, leaks can occur and cause serious damage to the walls behind.

To avoid situations like this or a potential uneven finish, go to Rated People and hire a trusted professional.