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Best Folding Workbench UK – The Top 3 in 2021 (Buying Guide & Reviews)

Last Updated on 27 March 2021

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Choosing the best folding workbench in the UK is difficult, as there are so many factors to consider, including worksurface size, max load, adjustable features, construction, and cost.

To help you choose the best folding workbench, we’ve spent hours separating the good from the bad, to arrive at the 3 best folding workbenches in the UK.

In a Hurry? Here’s our Top Pick for 2021:

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How to Choose a Folding Workbench

Before you go out and buy the first model you come across, your workbench needs to tick all the boxes on your list. Odd jobs here and there will demand less from a workbench than a seasoned DIYer might require.

Things to consider will be what you’ll need it for, how often you’re likely to need it, and where you might use it the most. Will it be stored in the garden shed, or somewhere within the house?

The frequency and common use-case will affect your preference on size, weight, durability and storage requirements. Which leads us on to the following points.


What workspace area do you need? Some workbenches are designed with a focus on clamping capability, rather than the workspace area itself. This might be an issue if you need a larger, flat space to work on. However, lack of space can be resolved with a long, thin board attached to a smaller piece of wood clamped to your workbench.

Workbench dimensions when folded will also be a factor, particularly when it comes to storing your bench. It’s worth checking the dimensions to ensure it will fit in its intended storage space before purchasing.


The last thing you want from your workbench is a back problem. Stooping over a low workbench for hours on end isn’t going to help. Consider a comfortable working height for you when choosing your workbench or go for one with adjustable legs.


You don’t want to be carrying a heavy bench from A to B on a regular basis, so consider a lightweight model if you will frequently move it. However, you should consider whether a lighter workbench provides enough stability for your needs. Generally speaking, a heavier workbench will be more stable, although that’s not always the case.

Durability and Stability

Is it steady enough to withstand the work? You want to be sure your project will stay in place, that the bench will keep its feet firmly on the ground, and that it won’t collapse or teeter under the weight. Check the load-bearing weight capacity and look for non-slip feet and a sturdy frame.

Clamping Capability

If you’re working on a wood project which calls for cutting, planing, sanding etc., you want to feel confident that the clamping system will keep things steady and safe. While many workbenches act as a vice, others have integrated clamps. Some benches have no clamping capability at all, and that’s fine if you simply require a horizontal working platform.


If you’re using lots of tools and accessories, somewhere to keep these items can be very handy. A lower shelf to keep your tools to hand might be helpful, as could a surface tray to keep screws, nuts and bolts from getting lost. 

Best Folding Workbench UK – The Top 3 in 2021

Now that we’ve established the features you might be looking for, here are our top three folding workbenches.

1. VonHaus 5-in-1 Workstation

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It’s hard to think of any scenario in which VonHaus’s five-in-one workbench won’t meet your needs, and it’s our choice as the best folding workbench currently on the UK market.

As well as having three height settings, the VonHaus workbench is configurable as a platform, creeper, or mitre saw stand. It can even serve as a trolley, thanks to compact wheels at each corner, making it easy to transport once it’s been folded flat. However, the wheels can cause the workstation to slide when propped against a wall, so you may have to wedge it in place.

The VonHaus’s main drawback is its relatively steep price, but its sheer versatility more than makes up for this. It has an integrated tool tray, a 104cmx44cm work surface, and a robust aluminium-and-steel chassis.

Fulfils multiple rolesExpensive to buy
Has integrated tool storageIt can be unstable when propped up
Easy to transport thanks to wheels

2. Stanley FatMax FMST1 75672

STANLEY FatMax Folding Workbench Express Up to 450 kg, 1 Piece, FMST1 75672
  • Load Capacity: up to 455 kg maximum load capacity, metal legs
  • Large work surface area (85 x 60 cm) for a wide range of applications
  • Compatible with the Einhandzwingen from Stanley
  • Equipped with a handle for smooth mobility

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Compared to the VonHaus, Stanley’s FatMax folding workbench might seem like a one-trick pony. However, it has plenty of things going for it, including chunky metal legs, which can support up to 450kg of weight.

The FatMax’s work surface area is greater than the VonHaus’s and arguably more practical, measuring 85cm x 60cm. And while it lacks wheels, the FatMax does feature two carry handles on the side and end.

The fact it weighs 10kg less than its heavyweight competitor is excellent for anyone who’ll be regularly lifting it into the back of a van.

This folding workbench comes with an array of compatible accessories like vertical and horizontal clamps for extra versatility. Furthermore, its chassis has a series of X-shaped grooves and dog bench holes to support clamping at almost any angle

Hugely versatile clamping optionsLimited functionality
Generous work surface areaQuestion marks over durability
Lightweight and easy to transport

3. Keter 17182239 Master Pro DIY Folding Worktable

Keter 17182239 Master Pro DIY Folding Work Table, 85 x 55 x 75.5 cm - Black/Red
  • Portable and lightweight work table with integrated handle for easy transportation with a unique quick-opening system
  • Folding design to save storage space.
  • 2 clamps that can be installed both horizontally and vertically, to suit almost any job.
  • Large work surface that holds up to 453kg
  • No assembly required and only 30 seconds to set up and use.

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Resembling a Transformers robot as much as a workbench, Keter’s entry into our list of the best folding workbenches is an impressive-looking piece of equipment. It matches Stanley’s load capacity though it does weigh slightly more, despite being machined out of plastic rather than metal.

Keter supplies this workbench with accessories, including two clamps installed horizontally or vertically, reflecting its 3D design. Despite its visual complexity, Keter claims this quick-opening workbench assembles in 30 seconds, which will appeal to busy tradespeople or anyone who feels daunted by instruction manuals.

Great for vertical clampingIts plastic body may not wear well
Claimed 30-second assemblyQuite expensive for what it is
Weatherproof construction materials

Best Folding Workbench UK – 2021 Comparison Table

NB: The ratings provided in the table below are of the author’s opinion, based on each product’s features and the benefits they provide to the DIY enthusiast. Please do your own research and check reviews to make sure a product is suitable for your needs.

ModelWeightMax LoadStorage?MaterialRating
VonHaus 5-in-1 Workstation20.6kg330kgYesMetal9
Stanley FatMax FMST1 7567210.5kg455kgNoMetal8
Keter 1718223912kg453kgNoPlastic7

Final Thoughts

Unless you’re on a tight budget, it’s impossible to overlook the benefits of VonHaus’s 5-in-1 workbench. Despite being the heaviest product in our tests, its ability to transform into a trolley gives it on-site practicality our other contenders simply can’t match.

Stanley’s FatMax comes closest, with a higher max load but less versatility, while Keter’s entry suffers for its plastic construction but does offer a uniquely versatile three-dimensional clamping environment.