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Everyone deserves a decent, safe, warm and comfortable place to live. Even if you specialise in social housing, as a[...]
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How To Build A Cupboard
Regardless of how beautifully decorated your room is, if it’s filled with clutter, you can’t appreciate it. Cupboards complete rooms[...]
How to Fit Acrylic Splashbacks
Practical and visually pleasing, acrylic splashbacks are a hugely popular choice for use within both kitchens and bathrooms. They provide[...]
How to Treat Damp in Your Property – Useful Tips and Advice
Having damp in your home is a common problem that can be easily solved if you spot the warning signs[...]
Skip Hire Prices – What Should I Be Paying?
Any big build or renovation generates vast amounts of rubbish, and the best way to remove this from the site[...]
Painting Skirting Boards – The Ultimate Guide
Repairing and painting skirting boards to match your home décor gives any room a polished look.However, you might only need[...]
How To Plaster A Brick Wall With Hardwall Plaster
CostTimeDifficultyHave you been meaning to update that cracked and crumbling old brick wall at home? You’ve probably been putting the[...]
Plasterboard Fixings – The Top 7 You Need To Know
I’m guessing you arrived at this guide after going to the DIY store for some plasterboard fixings, expecting to have[...]
How To Use A Paint Sprayer Like A Pro
Paint sprayers are recommended when painting a large area that requires a smooth, even finish. Sprayers are also a good[...]
How To Plasterboard A Ceiling
Do you want to remove dated artex or repair a damaged ceiling? If so, you should consider covering your ceiling[...]
How to Use A Wallpaper Steamer
Whether you’re looking to refurbish an old and tired interior, or you’ve just moved into a property with some seriously[...]
Carpet Fitting Cost – What Should I Be Paying?
Fitting a new carpet is something best left to professionals, but what does the job entail and how much should[...]