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How To Mix Plaster – A Step-by-Step Guide
Amateur DIYers and home improvement newcomers fear few things as much as plastering. It’s a job with a reputation for[...]
How Much Does a Tiler Cost – Everything You Need to Know
Whether you need to renovate the kitchen in a house you've just purchased or update those tired-looking bathroom tiles to[...]
How Does Fire Retardant Paint Work (and how best to use it)?
A fire could destroy your home and even take away your life or that of your loved ones. Why take[...]
Why You Should Use PVA for Plastering (and how best to apply it)
If you’ve got some plastering work that needs doing, you’re probably wondering whether you should try it yourself. Plastering is[...]
Laminate Flooring Fitting Cost – The Ultimate Guide [2019 Edition]
Whether you're after a streamlined look or something that'll repel dirt and damage, laminate is a popular option for your[...]
What Is the Cost of Removing Pebbledash? [2019 Edition]
The mere phrase 'pebbledash' conjures ghastly images of grey, boring houses. But in addition to being used to knock up[...]
How To Use A Paint Sprayer Like A Pro
Paint sprayers are recommended when painting a large area that requires a smooth, even finish. Sprayers are also a good[...]
How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets
When faced with a tired and dingy kitchen, our first instinct is to rip it all out and start again.However,[...]
What Is The Best Type of Roller For Emulsion Paint?
When it comes to painting large surfaces, a paint roller can save you a lot of time and energy. However,[...]
How To Use Paint Pads
CostTimeDifficultyIf you’re looking to paint those tricky spots in your house, paint pads are a great option. It’s an easy[...]
Dry Lining Brick Walls – The Complete Guide
Dry lining is fixing plasterboard to walls, which, if done correctly, produces a nice smooth finish that you can decorate[...]
How To Use Lining Paper – The Complete Guide
Lining Paper is a quick and easy way to create a flat and smooth base on walls and ceilings, ready[...]
Best Paint Sprayer UK – The Top 5 Reviewed
Please note that this article contains affiliate links. Clicking these does not affect the price you pay, but we will[...]
Do I need Planning Permission? 23 Projects That Don’t Need It
Apart from the obvious lick of paint or new carpet, have you ever wondered what home improvements you can carry[...]
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