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How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets
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How to Wallpaper Around a Window
IntroductionWallpaper has made a big comeback in home decor. No longer is it a thing of the past, only seen[...]
How To Paint A Door Like A Pro
They say when one door closes another one opens, but this only works if you haven’t painted the door shut.[...]
Painting A Room With No Mess – 27 Top Tips
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Painting Floorboards – The Complete Guide
Painting floorboards is an easy way to update the look of a room. A classic style is white painted floorboards,[...]
Distemper Paint – What Is It And How Do I Remove It?
Chances are if you live in an older home built before the 20th century you have distemper paint on the[...]
Garage Door Paint – What To Buy And How To Use It
Garage door paint can be used to give your garage a fresh new look. Your garage contributes to the overall[...]
How To Use Decorators Caulk
I love decorators caulk, it’s like a magic wand for giving a perfect finish! Cheap and easy to use, decorators[...]
How to Hang Wallpaper Like A Pro
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Painting New Plaster – A Step-by-Step Guide
Transforming your home decor often involves painting new plaster, which has some key differences compared to painting 'old' plaster.  Fortunately,[...]
Painting MDF – A Step-By-Step Tutorial
MDF, short for ‘medium density fibreboard’, is a cheaper alternative to wood. MDF is made of wood fibres that have[...]
Best Paint Sprayer UK – The Top 5 Reviewed
Please note that this article contains affiliate links. Clicking these does not affect the price you pay, but we will[...]
Painting Radiators – How The Pros Do It
Radiators are an essential multi-use part of modern day living, keeping our homes toasty warm, drying our clothes and occasionally[...]
How To Use Paint Pads
CostTimeDifficultyIf you’re looking to paint those tricky spots in your house, paint pads are a great option. It’s an easy[...]
How To Remove And Replace Silicone Sealant
Silicone sealant - it’s the clever stuff that keeps water from escaping out into places it shouldn’t. Typically you might[...]
How to Use A Wallpaper Steamer
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