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Skip Hire Cost UK – 2022 Price Guide and Top Money-Saving Tips (Updated)

Any big build or renovation generates vast amounts of rubbish, and the best way to remove this from the site is via a skip.

But what size skip do you need? How long should you have it for and what does skip hire cost UK? This guide aims to answer these questions and provides helpful tips to make skip hire a breeze.

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Skip Hire Cost UK – 2022 Average Price Table

The following chart details how big the main types of skips are, relative to how many bags of rubbish they can hold and what price range you can expect to pay. Thanks to for the information.

Skip TypeSkip Size (cubic yards)Max. No. Rubbish BagsPrice Range (per week)
Roll On Roll Off20-50 cubic yards450£290-400

Pro Tip: Get a minimum of 3 quotes from your local skip hire company. Chart prices are averaged for the UK, so bear in mind that London prices may be higher.

Hippo Bags

A cheaper alternative to skips for smaller amounts of rubbish is a Hippo Bag. These bags can be bought from DIY stores or directly from the Hippo company. Simply fill up with rubbish and then arrange a collection with Hippo.

It is most cost-effective to buy the bag and pay for collection at the same time, so these prices are shown below.

There are three size options:

  • Midibag – £110.99 – holds 1 tonne of rubbish
  • Megabag – £148.99 – holds 1.5 tonnes of rubbish
  • Hipposkip – 229.99 – holds 1.5 tonnes of rubbish

While the Megabag and Hipposkip hold the same amount by weight, the Hipposkip can hold larger sized items.

Skip Tips to Remember

Skip Permits

If you do not have space on your site to park the skip, then you need permission from the council or housing association to park the skip on the road.

Get a permit that lasts the same time as your skip hire, usually 1 to 2 weeks. Skip permits cost £30 on average per week. You can find out more about how to contact your local council on

Pro Tip: Some skip hire companies arrange the permit themselves and include it in their costs. Double-check to save yourself time and money.

Fill with Care

Do not overfill your skip. Estimate the amount of rubbish you will produce and then get a skip that’s bigger.

Remember not to make the skip too heavy for the collector to lift. A good average is 40% heavy items and 60% lighter. Don’t fill a large skip to the brim with bricks!

Double-check what can and can’t be thrown in a skip. Commonly restricted items include electricals, tyres, batteries, paint cans, hazardous waste and plasterboard. Your skip hire company will be able to provide a full list.

Protect Your Skip

Avoid having to hire a skip for longer by securely covering your skip overnight. Neighbours and passers-by are quick to use skips as handy receptacles for their own rubbish, meaning less space for yours.

On the other hand, remember one man’s trash is another’s treasure. Don’t be grouchy if someone asks to take an item from your skip for their own DIY project. It’s considered pretty bad form to charge for this. Remember, they just saved you some skip room.

Pro Tip: Hire a house clearance firm if you have a large number of items to remove

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Skip Hire Cost UK – Final Thoughts

By now you should have a better understanding of how much hiring a skip will cost, dependent on how big you need the skip to be. You have also learned what not to put in a skip and how to keep a skip safe.