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how to hang wallpaper

How to Hang Wallpaper Like A Pro

As most DIY enthusiasts know, hanging wallpaper has the reputation of being a tricky job if you’re a novice. The truth is, as long as you avoid wallpaper with complicated designs and patterns with horizontal lines (because they have to be matched up perfectly), hanging wallpaper couldn’t be easier. Here are some professional tips to give […]

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carpet floor tiles

How to Lay Vinyl and Carpet Floor Tiles

Would you like to lay your own vinyl or carpet floor tiles with ease? Follow this tutorial step-by-step, and you could have a new floor in the space of a few hours.Vinyl and carpet floor tiles can be quite easy to lay. Which one you choose depends on the floor space you want to cover, […]

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partition wall

How To Build A Partition Wall

Would you know how to make one large room into two by building a partition wall? When we moved into our current four-bedroomed house, not only was it a dump, but the previous owner had taken down a partition wall between two bedrooms to make it one long room, with unnecessary large areas of storage.As […]

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