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Best Manual Tile Cutter UK (2021 Buying Guide)

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To help you avoid the pitfalls of purchasing a manual tile cutter, we’ll show you the essential features to consider, and we’ll review the best models on the UK market. Read on to find out which model we rate as the best manual tile cutter UK. 

Manual Tile Cutters – Key Features

cutting tiles with manual tile cutter

When you’re choosing your manual tile cutter, there are several features that you should pay close attention to:


Make sure that your manual tile cutter is compatible with the thickness of the tiles that you need to cut. Check the manufacturer’s recommended maximum tile thickness, as well as the tile size.

If you are purchasing a manual tile cutter for several different jobs around your home, you may want to look for one that can take larger tiles than the ones you currently have.

Adjustable Measuring Guide

When cutting tiles, you’ll most likely make the same size cuts again and again. A built-in adjustable measuring guide will allow you to achieve uniform cutting results without the hassle of marking and measuring every tile.

Adjust your measuring guide for your first tile and confirm it cuts perfectly to size. Once verified, set the guide adjustments as your template for the rest of your tiles.


Opt for a durable metal construction for a long-lasting manual tile cutter that will see you through many projects. Rubber-coated surfaces provide a non-slip grip that will help keep your tile securely in place when scoring and snapping.


One of the main advantages of manual models is their portability. If you’re planning to take your manual tile cutter with you to various jobs, then you should take its weight into account.

However, bear in mind that while lightweight models are much easier to move, transport and store, you may find that you prefer to clamp it down when cutting heavy or oversized tiles.

Manual Tile Cutter Buying Tips

While most manual tile cutters operate similarly, there are some differences between models that you understand. 

For a start, you should always check that the dimensions are sufficient to cut your tiles, especially if you are looking for a cutter for thick or large format tiles.

Be sure to check the manufacturer’s maximum tile thickness and size for your cutter before purchasing.

When choosing your manual tile cutter, you may also find that their table surface can differentiate different models. Some models have a durable steel surface that will stand up to rugged tiles and extensive use, while others come with rubber-coated cutting surfaces. 

Rubber-coated surfaces have excellent non-slip properties to hold your tile securely in place while scoring and snapping. However, rubber is less durable, which could be an issue with frequent, heavy use.

The Best Manual Tile Cutter UK – VonHaus

VonHaus Manual Tile Cutter 430mm – Tungsten Carbide Scoring Wheel – Straight Edge Accurate Measurement Guide – Cuts Ceramic, Glazed Floor & Wall Tiles
  • TUNGSTEN CARBIDE BLADE – durable scoring wheel lets you carry out straight or diagonal cuts through glazed, porcelain and ceramic wall or floor tiles up to 430mm long/12mm thick with ease
  • SIMPLE OPERATION – whether you’re a first-time tiler or a seasoned DIY pro, this tile cutter’s simple score and snap operation with built-in adjustable measuring guide lets anyone cut tiles without complication
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – with its portable lightweight construction, comfortable ergonomic handle and anti-sliding rubber surface, this tile cutter is built to make cutting easy
  • LESS MESS – unlike electric tile cutters, this manual cutter won’t grind dust all over your workspace. Even better, it doesn’t require a power outlet so you can cut tiles wherever it’s most convenient. Dimensions L55 x D16.5 x H10cm. Weight: 3kg

If you are looking for a budget model, take a look at our best value pick – the VonHaus Manual Tile Cutter. This inexpensive model is ideal for home DIY, easy to use, and benefits from a highly portable, lightweight construction. 

Using a simple score and snap operation, the non-slip rubber cutting surface helps to keep your tile firmly in place. 

Suitable for tiles up to 500mm long, this tool can be used for a wide variety of tiling projects and comes complete with a built-in adjustable measuring guide.

While this model is an excellent budget choice for easy manual tile cutting, it is less suitable for jobs where you need to make precision cuts. Too much play on the cutting wheel will prevent you from making highly accurate straight lines. 

Also, if you are working on a project involving large format tiles, be aware that you may need to score larger tiles several times before snapping. This scoring will, of course, slow down your progress. 

However, on the whole, this is a great budget choice when high precision and speed are not critical.

Portable, lightweight constructionNot suitable for precision cuts
Score and snap operationNeed to score multiple times for large tiles
Rubber non-slip cutting surface
Built-in adjustable measuring guide
Two-year manufacturer’s warranty

Best Manual Tile Cutter UK – Final Thoughts

Providing excellent performance at a great price, we think the VonHaus is the best manual tile cutter on the market right now. 

The VonHaus has all of the advantages that come with a manual tile cutter, enabling you to make even complex cutouts with precision, as well as straight lines for a professional-looking finish to any tiling project. 

Offering unbeatable value for money for a high-performance manual tile cutter, this truly is the best model to go for – whatever your home DIY tiling project entails.

P.S. If you’ve decided that cutting and fitting tiles isn’t for you, check our guide to the costs of hiring a professional tiler in your area. If you do plan on doing it yourself, check out these tiling tips.