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Best Electric Tile Cutter – 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide (The UK’s Top 3 Models)

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To help you avoid the pitfalls of purchasing an electric tile cutter, we’ll show you the essential features to consider, and we’ll review the best models on the UK market.

In a Hurry? Here’s our top pick for the best electric tile cutter in 2022:

VITREX 103402NDE Diamond Blade Tile Cutting Saw

  • High-torque 450W motor
  • Pre-settable table tilts of 22.5° and 45°
  • Cooling water recirculation system
  • Adjustable height splash guard

Read on to find out which product we rate as the best electric tile cutter in the UK.

Best Electric Tile Cutter Reviews – The UK’s Top 3 in 2022

After many hours of research and testing, it was difficult to pick a winner. Instead, we’ve given you three – the best value and best performing electric tile cutters, plus the best product for beginners.

1. Vitrex Diamond Blade – Best Value Electric Tile Cutter (Editor’s Overall Top Pick) 

VITREX 103402NDE Diamond Blade Tile Cutting Saw

  • High-torque 450W motor
  • Pre-settable table tilts of 22.5° and 45°
  • Cooling water recirculation system
  • Adjustable height splash guard

Are you looking for a budget electric tile cutter? Our best value pick, the Vitrex Diamond Blade Tile Cutting Saw, provides excellent performance and usability at a low price.

With a high-torque 450W motor, you can use it to cut through tiles up to 25mm with ease, making it suitable for the vast majority of DIY tiling projects. 

The double extensions are ideal for accommodating large format tiles, complete with pre-settable table tilts of 22.5° and 45° for your mitre cuts.

Aside from its cooling water recirculation system that reduces refills, this model also benefits from an adjustable height splash guard to prevent you from getting wet while cutting.

On the downside, it’s relatively lightweight, so if you’re cutting heavy tiles, you may want to clamp it down. Also, the guide fence is rather flimsy and can stick, slowing down your progress. 

However, this electric tile cutter offers unbeatable value despite these minor negatives.

A high torque 450W motorFairly lightweight
Double extension tablesFlimsy guide fence
22.5° and 45° pre-set table tilts
No mess water recirculation system
Adjustable height splash guard

2. Vitrex Power Pro 650 – Best Performing Electric Tile Cutter

Vitrex 10343000V Power Pro 650
  • Driven by a 650 watt direct drive motor.
  • Recirculation system means there is no water mess and leeps the blade at optimum temperature.
  • Present table tilts of 22.5° and 45°.
  • Double extension for larger format tiles.

If you’re looking for professional quality, durable electric tile cutter, go for the Vitrex Power Pro 650 – our best performing model.

With its powerful 650W direct-drive motor, it can cut tiles up to 30mm thick, making it suitable for a wide variety of jobs, whatever your choice of tiles. 

Thanks to its double extensions, you’ll have no problem cutting even large format tiles, and the pre-set 22.5° and 45° tilts allow for precision mitre cuts with ease.

Complete with a 180mm continuous rim diamond blade, this model is ready to take on all of your tiling projects, even heavy-duty cutting and precision cuts. The water recirculation system saves you time refilling, reducing the water lost during cooling. 

While this is a fantastic model, there are a couple of drawbacks. Firstly, the guide is made from poor quality, flimsy plastic, which detracts from this cutter’s general ease of use. 

Secondly, for the price of this model, we were disappointed by the table surface. The aluminium finish is not very durable, especially when cutting more rugged tiles, potentially exposing the underlying metal, which could then easily corrode. 

However, these drawbacks aside, this powerful electric tile cutter is a true workhorse that will make light work of your tiling project, especially when using thick and large format tiles.

650W, direct-drive motorPoor quality plastic guide
22.5° and 45° pre-set table tiltsTable surface not very durable
Double extension
180mm continuous rim diamond blade
Water recirculation system

3. Einhell TH-TC 618 – Best Beginners Electric Tile Cutter

Einhell TC-TC 618 Electric Tile Cutter | 600W, Water Cooling System, 45° Tiltable Stainless Steel Work Table For Mitre Cuts, Parallel Stop | Portable Wet Tile Saw With Diamond Disc Cutter
  • Diamond tipped cutting disc (included)
  • Water cooling system for strenuous tile cutting tasks
  • Parallel guide for increased accuracy
  • Bench size: 330 x 360 mm
  • Cutting Speed: 3000 rpm

It takes very little time to get to grips with Einhell’s TH-TC 618 cutter, which is fortunate since its manual doesn’t include English instructions!

Otherwise, we reckon this scarlet-finished cutter is child’s play to set up and operate. From the green and red power buttons to the clearly-marked angle adjustment ratchet, which swivels to 45°, it’s an ideal product for beginners.

The supplied diamond cutting disc isn’t the strongest you’ll ever find, but it spins at 2,950rpm through a water tank which keeps temperatures down and reduces the spread of dust. However, the tank requires regular refilling since it’s pretty small. 

The 360 x 330mm bench is big enough, the 7.4kg weight makes relocation manageable, and the water bath adds practicality.

For the money, this is an effective device with a maximum cutting height of 35mm at 90° and 22mm at 45°. It also has secure support for guiding 300mm tiles, with millimetre-measuring rulers at both sides of the table – a feature other manufacturers should incorporate into their products.

Einhell’s tile cutter should be sufficient for enthusiastic amateurs and semi-pro tilers. However, there are some questions about its long-term durability and reliability, which might deter regular users from investing in it.

Ingenious ruler integrationQuestions over build quality
Affordable and straightforward to useThe blade isn’t very strong
Water tank reduces dust and heat
Supports 45° tilts

Best Electric Tile Cutter – 2022 Comparison Table

ItemPowerMain FeaturesPrice RangeOur Score
Vitrex Diamond Blade450WAdjustable splash guard
Water recirculation system
Double extension
Pre-set table tilts
Vitrex Power Pro 650650WDouble extension
Pre-set table tilts
180mm continuous rim diamond blade
Water recirculation system
Einhell TH-TC 618 Tile Cutter600W Water tank
45° cutting angle
The diamond blade spins at 2,950rpm
Easy ratchet angle adjustment

Electric Tile Cutter Buying Guide

cutting tile with electric tile cutter

There are plenty of factors to consider when choosing an electric saw tile cutter. Here are the essential features you’ll need to consider when making your purchase.


Powerful motors with a wattage of at least 400W are essential for smoothly cutting through various tiles while preventing chips and cracks.


Always check the manufacturer’s maximum recommended tile thickness and dimensions to ensure that your electric tile cutter can easily cut your tiles. 

Also, double-check the table dimensions, including any extensions, to be sure that you can safely accommodate the electric tile cutter close to a power source.


You want a model with extensions if you’re cutting large format tiles (e.g. floor tiles). Fold-out extensions increase the cutting table area and allow you to cut larger tiles comfortably.

Water System

Most electric tile cutters have a water recirculation system. This system keeps the cutting blade cool and lubricates the blade’s passage, thus reducing friction and the chances of your tile breaking.

A water recirculation system also saves you from frequently refilling your water reservoir, as well as reducing your water usage.

Pre-Set Table Tilts

Selecting a cutter with pre-settable table tilts allows you to accurately and efficiently perform mitre cuts. We recommend opting for a model with 22.5° and 45° tilts for maximum convenience.

Table Surface

Pay close attention to the table surface. If it’s coated, ensure it’s a durable coating that sufficiently protects the steel from the circulating water in the cooling system.

Electric Tile Cutter Buying Tips

Although electric tile cutters all work similarly, you’ll find several differences between the various models available. Below are the key points to consider:

  • Always look for the differences in capacity. Some models can cut large format tiles, while others are designed primarily for smaller tiles. 
  • Motor power is another major factor. Opt for a high-powered electric tile cutter if you’re cutting thick tiles. 
  • Blades also differ between brands and models, although you can change blades to suit your cutting needs.
  • Guides, splash guards and table surfaces can vary from model to model. Carefully consider your needs and anticipated usage before deciding which model to purchase.

Best Electric Tile Cutter – Final Thoughts

Providing excellent performance at a great price, we think the Vitrex Diamond Blade is the best electric tile cutter in terms of value. Yes, the Vitrex Power Pro 650 performs better, but it costs more than twice as much! Either way, Vitrex owns this market right now.

VITREX 103402NDE Diamond Blade Tile Cutting Saw

  • High-torque 450W motor
  • Pre-settable table tilts of 22.5° and 45°
  • Cooling water recirculation system
  • Adjustable height splash guard

The Vitrex Diamond Blade has all the advantages of an electric saw tile cutter, enabling you to make intricate cuts with precision. With its double extension, you can cut large format tiles, and the two pre-set table tilts make mitre cuts quick, accurate and easy.

Offering unbeatable value, this truly is the best electric tile cutter to buy – whatever your home DIY tiling project entails.

P.S. If you’ve decided that cutting and fitting tiles isn’t for you, check our guide to the costs of hiring a professional tiler in your area.