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Best Anti Mould Paint in the UK (2021 Buying Guide & Reviews)

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During my time as an architectural technologist, I often inspected old houses on behalf of potential buyers. In many cases, the first thing that hit me as I entered the house was the smell of dampness. 

As I walked through these old houses, I would soon notice the visible signs of damp – dangerous mould growth on the walls and ceilings. Some homeowners would try to hide the mould by papering or painting over it. However, you can’t hide mould for long, and if left untreated, the spores will land and grow again.

To treat mould effectively, you need the best anti mould paint. I’ve used my years of experience with damp and mould to review the best anti mould paints available in the UK.

In a Hurry? Here’s our Top Pick for the Best Anti Mould Paint in 2021:

Dryzone Anti Mould Paint 1L Brilliant White – Mould Resistant for 5 Years, 10m² - 12m² Coverage
  • Premium quality mould resistant paint from experts in damp proofing
  • Protects against black mould growth on walls and ceilings
  • Effective even against persistent condensation
  • Professional strength, low odour
  • Coverage: 10m² - 12m²

What to Look for When Buying the Best Anti Mould Paint

With so many paints on the UK market, we used four aspects to distinguish the best from the rest.


Some paints have a strong odour, restricting their use to well-ventilated spaces only. This restriction is not practical, as mould flourishes in rooms lacking ventilation.


How much a tin of paint covers can have a significant impact on the cost/m2.


How long does the paint last before repainting is required?


The cost per can does not always mean the best value. We worked out the cost per litre and the cost per m2, considering the number of coats required.

Best Anti Mould Paint – The Top 3 in 2021

Using the criteria above, here are our top three picks for 2021. 

#1: Ronseal AMPWM750

RONSEAL AMPWM750 Anti Mould Paint White Matt 750ml
  • Up to 6 years of mould protection
  • Quick drying
  • Moisture and steam resistant
  • Easy wipe-clean emulsion

Ronseal Anti Mould paint uses benzisothiazolone to kill off bacteria and fungal spores to ensure mould doesn’t come back in a hurry – for six years, to be precise. Because of this, it is best to wear gloves to prevent allergic skin reactions.

It has a coverage rate of 13m2/l when using a brush or roller, requiring two coats to achieve a good, hard-wearing and easy to clean finish. It will take a couple of days to complete most jobs with a drying time of four hours.

On the tin, it states, “Don’t paint over our anti mould paint with any other paint as this stops it working”. Although many people ignore this warning, I wouldn’t recommend overpainting.

It lasts up to 6 yearsYou cannot over-paint
Available in matt or silk finishOnly available in white finish
Low odour 

#2: Dryzone Anti Mould Paint

Dryzone Anti Mould Paint 1L Brilliant White – Mould Resistant for 5 Years, 10m² - 12m² Coverage
  • Premium quality mould resistant paint from experts in damp proofing
  • Protects against black mould growth on walls and ceilings
  • Effective even against persistent condensation
  • Professional strength, low odour
  • Coverage: 10m² - 12m²

Dryzone contains a biocide to prevent mould from growing on the surface. This unique ingredient blocks the recurrence of black mould for up to five years. 

Apply two coats of Dryzone leaving two to three hours between coats, using a brush or a roller. When thoroughly dried, the surface is washable and moisture resistant, with a soft sheen finish.

Dryzone’s anti mould paint is available in brilliant white and magnolia, but it can be over-painted using an emulsion of your choice. 

Dryzone also makes an anti mould additive for paints, tile grout, and wallpaper paste to give them the same mould-resistant properties. The biocidal base will resist mould growth for at least three years.

Available in 5-litre or 1-litre tinsOnly available in white or magnolia
Low odour 
Quick-drying with no over-painting problems 

#3: Polar Dampseal

Polar Magnolia Anti Damp Paint 500ml, Damp Proof Paint Stain Blocker Seals in One Coat for Brick, Concrete, Cement and Plaster Walls, Damp Seal Matt Finish
  • ONE COAT - Our unique pliolite formula seals damp patches and prevents penetrating damp from pushing through and spoiling your decor in just one singular coat. 500ml covers up to 2m²
  • EASY APPLICATION - Ready for use on damp interior wall surfaces including brick, concrete, cement and plaster (not breeze blocks). Our paint can also be used as a damp proofing primer/ sealer prior to over-painting or can be left as a finish in its own right.
  • BLOCK STAINS INSTANTLY - Advanced formula incorporates a water reacting agent. Premium quality mould resistant paint from experts in damp proofing.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE USE - Ideal for use on interior walls or ceilings, including plaster, cement, and stone. Suitable for window/door frames, bathroom, living room, garage and kitchen.
  • QUICK DRYING TIME – Apply directly to damp surfaces and takes 10 minutes to dry, leaving a smooth matt white and magnolia finish.

Polar Dampseal differs from the other two products in that it uses synthetic resins – known as Pliolites – that gives it a higher resistance to dampness within minutes of applying. These resins allow Polar Dampseal to be used on damp surfaces or in areas subject to condensation soon after application.

Being solvent-based, it’s higher in VOCs than water-based products, so only use it in rooms that are well ventilated. Remember to wear gloves and eye protection when applying this paint. You should also wear additional PPE if the room is lacking sufficient ventilation.

Polar Dampseal requires only one coat, and a 500ml tin will cover up to 2m(it’s also available in 1-litre tins). It’s touch dry in two to three hours and can be over-painted after 16 to 24 hours, although you can leave it as a finish coat if you’re happy with matt white or magnolia – the landlords’ favourite. 

You can apply Dampseal with a roller, but because it contains Portland cement, which leaves a slightly textured look, a brush is better for a smooth finish.

Dampseal also acts as a stain-blocker if you’re just looking to paint over water-damaged surfaces.

One coat is all you needNot available in tins larger than 1 litre
Repels water soon after applicationToxic to aquatic life
Available in white and magnolia but can be overpaintedThe room must be well ventilated
Works as a stain-blocker 

Best Anti Mould Paint – Comparison Table

Anti mould paintCoverage per litreTin sizeNumber of coatsCost x Coats
(Per litre)
Cost x Coats
(Per m2)
Dryzone10-12m21l or 5l2£25£44.6
Dampseal4m2500ml or 1l1£32£84.5

Final Thoughts

This decision was a close call in the end. Ronseal won because it’s less expensive than Dryzone (around 25% cheaper), its coverage is better, and the claimed lifespan is longer than its two competitors. 

It’s a pity that Ronseal only has one colour, and you can’t over-paint it. This restriction means that if white doesn’t work for you, tough luck.

Polar Dampseal is a very effective anti mould product, and if I were looking for something to cover a small area, perhaps as a stain-block, I would use it. However, the high VOC rating pushes this product down to the bottom of our list.If you want to learn more about mould and how to prevent it, check out this article from the Centre for Sustainable Energy.