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best tile cutter

Best Tile Cutter UK – 2019 Buying Guide

Whether you are tiling a new wet room or just refreshing your kitchen splashback, a tile cutter is an essential piece of kit.  Easy to use and fairly inexpensive, tile cutters are a great way to give a professional-looking finish to your home tiling project. But if you’re new to tiling, you may be feeling a […]

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best sander

Best Sander UK – 2019 Buying Guide

Sanders are essential tools that are necessary for almost all wooden DIY projects. So whether you fancy changing the finish on your floor or restoring your coffee table, you won’t be able to get by without one.  However, unless you’re a woodworking specialist, you may be bewildered by the seemingly huge array of different types of […]

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how much to paint a room

How Much To Paint A Room – Should You Go DIY or Pro?

One of the easiest ways to breathe new life into your home is with a fresh lick of paint. This simple, yet affordable project can transform dull, tired-looking rooms into bright and inviting spaces.  But how much does a paint job cost? Like any project, the final cost will vary based on the amount of preparation […]

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fire retardant paint

How Does Fire Retardant Paint Work (and how best to use it)?

A fire could destroy your home and even take away your life or that of your loved ones. Why take the risk? For me, treating my home with fire retardant paint is an essential part of protecting my family, our possessions and the very roof over our heads.  However, while it’s relatively simple to do so […]

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woodworm treatment cost

How Much Does Woodworm Treatment Cost? [2019 Edition]

Woodworm infestations are a common problem throughout the UK. These hungry little creatures eat their way through your furniture and timber, leaving destruction wherever they go.  If you’re worried about woodworm, you probably have a lot of questions. How do I know if I have woodworm? How much does woodworm treatment cost? Can I do it […]

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