best sealant gun in the uk

Best Sealant Gun in the UK (2024 Reviews & Buying Guide)

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It might seem like a minor detail, but your choice of sealant gun can seriously affect the finish of your DIY job. Buy the wrong gun, and you’ll struggle to apply neat silicone lines or apply too much caulk because the trigger isn’t sensitive or accurate enough.

If you want to cut to the chase and buy the best sealant gun in the UK, let us steer you towards WorkPro’s Professional Sealant Gun. 

The WorkPro might be the heaviest of the five products we’ve recently tested, with the smallest cartridge capacity, but its features contribute to a compelling overall package. As someone who’s spent many hours kneeling beside tiles and sanitary ware with a gun in hand, that’s high praise.

Sealant Gun Reviews — The UK’s Top 5 in 2024

These are our picks for the best sealant guns in the UK, starting with a product that’s all things to all (trades) people…

Our Top Pick
1. WorkPro Professional Gun

1. WorkPro Professional Gun

  • Rotating barrel
  • Ergonomic trigger and handle
  • Seal puncture tool

With relatively slim margins between our shortlisted contenders, we eventually settled on WorkPro’s Professional Sealant Gun as our first choice.

For one thing, it’s the most attractive product, with its red top latch differentiating between clean and efficient dispensation. The royal blue barrel matches the soft plastic handgrip, while the spring-loaded thumb release is smoother than a ratchet rod alternative.

We found the rotating shaft provided a slick operation during testing, though the high/low thrust ratio button could be easier to switch, especially with dirty hands.

Even so, regular users of the WorkPro can’t speak highly enough about it, which is reassuring. It’s a shame it’s relatively heavy, tipping the scales at over a kilogram despite only taking 295ml cartridges.

Attractive and tactile.The thrust ratio button is awkward to use.
It offers two ratios and a choice of dispensations.It can’t accommodate 400ml cartridges.
Soft spring-loaded action. 

2. OX Tools OX-P044440 Pro

2. OX Tools OX-P044440 Pro

  • High thrust trigger with adjustable screw
  • Dipped handles
  • Riveted and reinforced cradle style frame

We thought long and hard about whether to make OX’s sturdy sealant gun our eventual test winner before deciding WorkPro just pipped it. 

The cyan O-ring and handle grips are a bit dayglo for some tastes, but this is a well-assembled product. It’s only its high price that counts against it.

While it lacks WorkPro’s high and low ratio option, OX has thoughtfully provided an adjustable screw, which allows you to adjust output pressure as required. It’s a more fiddly — yet nuanced — take on the same principle, though you might have to have a couple of trial sprays before settling on an optimal pressure.

Furthermore, its dipped, non-slip handles are comfortable for ongoing use, while the riveted and reinforced frame is a strong performer.

Lightweight.The colours are a bit garish.
Adjustable trigger pressure.Trigger adjustment requires practice.
Feels durable and robust. 

3. Everbuild Power Pro Heavy Duty Gun

3. Everbuild Power Pro Heavy Duty Gun

  • Heavy duty construction
  • Extra pull trigger
  • Hook end and swivel action barrel support 310ml and 400ml cartridges

Only colour distinguishes Everbrite’s product from OX’s at first glance. Some people prefer the sober black colour palette with undramatic yellow lettering down the rotating barrel, while the clip hole and hanging hook are identical. Like the OX, it takes 310mm or 400mm cartridges.

This gun is easy to use all day due to its lightweight construction. Everbuild has also endeavoured to give the trigger a smooth action, further simplifying ongoing grouting or sealing jobs. 

There are some concerns about rusting, which is particularly worrying considering this gun has the highest RRP of any product we tested. However, it’s still highly praised for adhesive dispensation and ease of use.

Simple to use.More expensive than it should be.
Takes two cartridge sizes.Lacks any ratio adjustment.
Smooth trigger operation. 

4. Amazon Basics Heavy Duty Gun

4. Amazon Basics Heavy Duty Gun

  • Accommodates 310ml cartridges with a thrust ratio of 12:1
  • Durable powder-coated metal with a revolving steel frame
  • Aluminium handle with plastic support grip and aluminium trigger
  • Ergonomic rubber-coated handles
  • Drip-free and silencing mechanism

Amazon has been rolling out an array of cut-price DIY tools, which are perfectly adequate in the main. 

Though the powder-coated blue barrel has a certain appeal, this gun is built down to a budget, with exposed screws and cheap plastics. The Amazon Basics logo won’t impress every customer, however.

The first thing to note about the Basics Heavy Duty gun is that it only takes 310ml cartridges.

The second thing to note is its unusual 12:1 thrust ratio, which should be adequate for all materials. 

The aluminium handle and trigger are joined by a plastic trigger, while a drip-free mechanism should prevent the caulk from escaping. The anti-squeak trigger also deserves praise.  

Unusual anti-squeak trigger.Plastics feel cheap.
Has a drip-free cut-off.Amazon Basics logo is a bit off-putting.
Good value. 

Best Value
5. ProDec Extra Strong Skeleton Gun

5. ProDec Extra Strong Skeleton Gun

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Rotating barrel
  • Supports tubes up to 400ml

You can tell a great deal from ProDec’s description of this product as a “skeleton” caulking gun. I.e. it has none of the barrel sophistication of the other four products on test. 

A visible plunger stands within a thin powder-coated steel frame, with its sole screw exposed. At least the skeleton is painted in a fetching shade of red, and there’s no doubt this product will last a while.

Furthermore, this gun accommodates 310ml and 400ml cartridges, with a release clip to stop the flow whenever required. It might not offer any fancy features, but it’s still hard to argue with at this price.

Great value.Lacks adjustability.
Attractive red powder coating.Not as sophisticated as other products we tested.
It has an anti-drip mechanism. 

Best Sealant Gun — 2024 Comparison Table

ModelWeightAdjustable ratios?SizesClip hole?PriceRating
WorkPro Professional1.1kgYes295mlYes££9
OX Tools OX-P044440 Pro454gYes310/400mlYes£££8
Everbuild Power Pro790gNo310/400mlYes£££8
Amazon Basics DS-CGAMZ004644gNo310mmNo£7
ProDec MG11ES470gNo310/400mlNo£7

Sealant Gun Buying Guide

sealant gun on the floor

Take one look at a sealant gun, and you will see what you’re getting for your money. In truth, there’s usually not much to see because these are among the cheapest products you’ll ever throw into your tool bag. 

These deceptively simple designs may last for many years with the proper care and maintenance. They often incorporate one or two welcome features, as well…

Our favourite WorkPro product offers a drip control mode regardless of whether you want constant pressure on the tube. 

All except the Amazon Basics model provide a hanging hook for space-efficient wall storage, a concept you can read more about in this article by FlowWall

The WorkPro, OX and Everbuild all have clip holes for safe working at heights, meaning you can’t drop your gun on an unsuspecting colleague below.

If you want to know more about safely using a silicone gun, the video below covers all the basics:

YouTube player

Under Pressure

worker applying sealant using sealant gun

It’s sometimes possible to adjust the rate at which pressure from a sealant gun is applied when you squeeze the trigger. 

Our shortlisted WorkPro model includes 9:1 and 18:1 thrust ratios from the same trigger, while the OX has an adjustable screw that lets you apply more or less pressure depending on what’s required. Note that this feature is not exclusive to pricier products — our most expensive contender (the Everbuild) doesn’t offer this functionality.

Higher thrust is generally required for denser materials like polyurethane and construction adhesive. 

Lower thrust is required for latex caulk, while the ubiquitous silicon sealant should dispense freely at either ratio. That’s handy if you’ve got a specific job, like replacing bathroom sealant.

Pro Tip: Adjustable pressure may not be necessary for all (or even many) sealant jobs, so consider whether it’s beneficial before looking for a gun that offers this functionality. For instance, if you’re laying vinyl flooring, any speed of distribution ought to be suitable.

Final Thoughts

If your only requirement is a bit of ad-hoc silicon sealing once a year, the ProDec, which props up our table, might be all you need. It comes fifth only because it has fewer features than its rivals, but its superb value is a significant redeeming aspect. 

By contrast, Amazon Basics tries to straddle two worlds — a simple skeleton gun and a pro tool. It doesn’t do either perfectly, but it’s still good value. It has one or two neat touches, like an anti-squeak trigger and a drip-free cut-off, which help with day-to-day practicality.

Splitting our three more expensive contenders was harder. Ultimately, WorkPro’s product felt better — a little more tactile, well-engineered, and robust. The ability to flick a switch between ratios is far better than OX’s take-a-guess screw adjustment, while none of our other contenders offered anything comparable. 

We also liked WorkPro’s anti-drip functionality, which is something the cut-price ProDec also offers.

The Everbuild is a solid product in its own right, with the ability to swallow up to 400ml cartridges and a safety clip hole. Unfortunately, it’s relatively expensive and lacks one or two features in cheaper models, like adjustable ratios or a drip cut-off.