stud partition wall cost per m2

Stud Partition Wall Cost per m2 (2023 UK Price Guide & Money-Saving Tips)

Many home improvement projects aim to make the most of the available space in a property, but sometimes the setup of your home may waste precious space. If that’s the case, installing a stud partition wall is a great way to improve the layout.

This guide will take you through how much stud partition walls cost per m2 in the UK. We’ll cover the required materials, their prices, and what a pro might charge you to do the job on your behalf.  

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What Are Stud Partition Walls?

There are a few different types of internal partition walls used to separate the rooms of a property. This handy guide from DIY Extra provides info on all of them. Stud partition walls are not load-bearing, making them ideal for creating extra rooms or altering your property’s layout.  

Most modern stud partition walls have a timber frame covered by plasterboard. The frame’s internal area can have heat retention or soundproofing insulation, as desired. The timber frame of a stud partition wall has a soleplate on the floor and a head plate on the ceiling. Timber studs (giving the wall its name) then extend from one plate to the other. 

There are also horizontal studs to provide greater stability, while shorter lengths of timber called noggins get nailed between the studs to solidify the structure further.

Builders use plasterboard to cover the timber frame and then apply wet plaster to finish it. If done correctly, a stud partition wall looks like any other wall within your property. You can also incorporate a door, a window or other features.  

Can You Install Stud Partition Walls Yourself?

measuring stud partition walls

Building a stud partition wall is far simpler than it may first appear. If you have some basic DIY skills, this guide and video below will help you build a timber stud partition wall:

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There are a few things to consider before taking on the job yourself. First and foremost, you must ensure your work conforms to building regulations. Newly installed non-load-bearing internal walls aren’t subject to many regulations, but you must consider fire safety, ventilation and lighting. 

However, it’s a different situation when your new stud partition wall requires rewiring or plumbing work, as your property’s electrics and heating systems must meet proper safety standards. In this case, you must find a professional to install your stud wall.     

DIY Stud Partition Wall Costs

If you’re confident about installing a stud wall yourself, the costs to consider primarily relate to the materials you need. Assuming you already have the tools for the job, you’ll need to buy the following:

  • 4” by 2” timbers for the soleplate, head plate, studs and noggins.
  • Plasterboard.
  • Nails, screws, corner beads, and adhesive.
  • Multi-finish plaster and scrim tape.
  • Insulation (if you need to soundproof or heatproof the new wall).
  • Skirting, architrave, fixtures & fittings and/or ironmongery to finish the wall and match your decor.

Your main expenditure will be on timber and plasterboard. You’ll likely pay around £2 per metre for 4” by 2” stud wall timber at most DIY outlets. The cost of plasterboard depends on a few different factors. You’ll need to choose the dimensions, thickness and edge style of the board you wish to use. Depending on your choices, you should expect to spend between £2.75 and £4.50 per m2.

You’ll also need to buy fixings like long nails and screws and other elements such as corner beads and scrim tape. These extra expenses can push the cost of your project up significantly, as can insulation, skirting boards and other optional extras like wallpaper or paint.   

Professional Stud Partition Wall Costs

If you’re not confident doing the job yourself — or if you don’t have the time — you may prefer hiring a professional. Some pros will charge per square metre for installing a stud wall, whilst others quote for the entire project.

Where you live will affect what tradesmen charge for stud partition wall installation, as costs will be higher in London and the South East. A reasonable rule of thumb is a quote between £100–£150 per square metre. That equates to an “all-in” quote of around £750–£1,000 for the partition of a standard-sized bedroom.

The above cost estimates are for stud partition walls with no added elements. If you need a door frame or window included, you’ll need to pay a little more. Similarly, the cost will rise considerably if any work is needed on the electrics or plumbing in your property. 

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Stud Partition Wall Cost per m2 — Final Thoughts

Installing a new stud partition wall can elevate your property. It could help you make the most of the available space, adding a new room without needing an extension. It’s also a relatively simple project, so you can do it yourself or find a local tradesman to handle it for you.