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Carpet Fitting Cost in the UK [2021 Average Prices + Guide]

Last Updated on 3 May 2021

Fitting a new carpet is something best left to professionals, but what does the job entail and how much should carpet fitting cost in the UK?

We’ve compiled this guide to answer these questions, looking into price ranges for carpets, how long a job should take and helpful tips to make the job go smoothly.

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Overview of Carpet Fitting Costs

You could fit a carpet yourself, but it’s a fiddly job that in my opinion is best left to professionals. You have to cut into corners, make sure the carpet lays flat under doors, and eradicate lumps and bumps.

All this is best done by someone with training. But how much will this cost you? And what exactly do the professionals do?

carpet fitting

At the very least, your carpet fitter will fit your new carpet onto your floor, providing fixings such as plates to go under doors to keep the carpet flat.

They can also fit underlay, remove old carpet, level the floor, replace floorboards and even remove furniture. Obviously, the more your carpet fitter does, the higher the price. In line with this, the larger the room, the higher the price. 

To keep costs down, do as much of the preliminary work yourself. Empty the room, make sure the floorboards are in top condition and buy the carpet. We’ve included a carpet price guide in the next section.

What Should I Be Paying To Fit Carpet in 2021?

The following chart puts together information from Which and Quotation Check to give you an idea of how much a job will cost and how long it will take.

We’ve also provided costing for optional extras such as screeding and room clearance.

Job Type/Size Details Average Costs Time
Small room (3.3m x 3m) Carpet plus underlay and fixings £350-450 1-2 hours
Medium room (4.6m x 3.66m) Carpet plus underlay and fixings £410-550 2 hours
Large room (5.24m x 5m) Carpet plus underlay and fixings £790-900 2-3 hours
Large – 30 sq m room Remove old carpet, re-carpet plus underlay £700 2-3 hours
Medium Carpeting on a standard staircase £80-100 Not given
Small Door easing £10-15 per door Not given
Medium Lifting old flooring £1-2 per sq m, plus £15 disposal Not given
Medium Screeding £25 per sq m Not given
Medium Ply boarding £20 per sq m Not given
Large Room Clearance £20 per room Not given

Carpet Prices

With carpet, you get what you pay for. A thin carpet that is cheap but not so cheerful can be bought for £5 per sq m or less, but it won’t be comfortable underfoot and it could wear out quickly.

A better option is to go for a mid-range carpet, which is £15-20 per sq m. If you want a thick, luxurious pile, then premium carpet costs from £30 per sq m.

Don’t forget underlay. Depending on thickness, underlay costs between £3.50 and £10 per sq m. All of these prices were provided by Household Quotes.

Pro Tip: A good quality, thick underlay can make an average carpet feel much better underfoot. Underlays rarely need replacing, so it’s worth allocating a bit more of your carpet budget on underlay. This is particularly true for rental properties, where carpet gets damaged and replaced often. In this case, we recommend buying a high-quality underlay and cheap carpet.

Tips to Remember

As always get three quotes from different tradespeople to get a good idea of the price in your area. Ask for a fixed price for the whole job and not an hourly rate so you know how much you will be paying from the start.

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Carpet Fitting Cost – Final Thoughts

This guide was designed to prepare you for how much you should be paying for a carpet fitter. You should now be aware of average UK costs for various room sizes and have a better idea of how much carpet costs. If you would like help finding a trusted carpet fitter, we recommend visiting Rated People.

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