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Best Scroll Saw Blades UK – The Top 5 in 2021 (Buying Guide & Reviews)

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Even the best scroll saw is only as good as its blades. Choosing the best quality blades will make a significant difference in the quality of your work.

In this guide, we consider what to look for when buying scroll saw blades. We’ve also spent many hours researching and reviewing the 5 best scroll saw blades in the UK. Read on to find out which set of blades won the title of ‘Best Scroll Saw Blades UK’ for 2021

In a Hurry? Here’s our Top Pick for the Best Scroll Saw Blades UK in 2021:

ATOPLEE 40pcs 1#, 2#,10#, 12# Saw Blade Carbon Steel Tooth Scroll Saw Blade [ 10pcs of Each Size]
  • Tooth Scroll Saw Blades for processing of wood, plastic, model, gold jewelry, organic glass, metal plate etc.
  • Not easy to be broken even if it is fine, can be keep sharp in a long time.
  • Curve sawing is very relaxed, the blade is not stuck.
  • Blade Length: approx 130mm
  • Blade Width: 1#=0.6mm; 2#=0.63mm ; 10#=1.26mm; 12#=1.45m

What Should I Look for in Scroll Saw Blades?

Scroll saw blades are akin to the blade on a hacksaw. Held firmly in place above and below the cutting table, these vertical strips of metal vibrate at up to 4,800rpm. It’s therefore essential to ensure the blades are secured in place but not over-tightened. Each blade is covered in angled teeth, which should face downwards for clean cuts.

Scroll saws can be used to cut through materials including hardwood, sheet metal and plastic. They may need to slice through material 50mm deep for long periods, generating considerable heat, while vacuum systems suck up the dust around them. As such, scroll saw blades lead a punishing existence, so various designs are built for different materials.

Pins and Needles

One of the main distinctions between scroll saw blades involves whether they’re pinned in place or not. The majority of scroll saws use pinless or plain-end, but some still use pinned or pin-end blades. 

We review both types below, though experts recommend plain-end blades wherever possible as they’re better suited to cutting holes in the middle of the material, and they’re compatible with a higher proportion of scroll saws. 

Plain-end blades are held in place by screws or clamps, and adjusting the tension is a matter of trial and error. Too loose, and the blade will shudder. Too tight, and it may snap.

Baring Your Teeth

There are several teeth layouts. These include:

  1. Standard tooth. Each tooth is identically sized, evenly spaced and facing downwards
  2. Double tooth. Teeth are arranged in pairs with gaps between each pair, for cleaner cuts
  3. Reverse. Some teeth face one way, but others are reversed, to reduce the risk of splintering
  4. Spiral. Blades wrap around a central spindle, cutting equally in every direction

Different jobs may benefit from using specific types of blades. For instance, spiral blades are great for straight cuts through hard materials. Reverse blades help to prevent splintering while cutting composite materials like plywood. The video below summarises how to choose the right scroll saw blades:

It’s also helpful to note that the number of teeth per inch on the blade is referred to as teeth per inch (TPI).

Size Matters

Blades vary considerably in length, width and thickness. Larger blades are better suited to thicker or more challenging materials and tend to be more durable. However, smaller blades are more precise with delicate cuts. Most scroll saws accept varying blade lengths, but a blade’s thickness affects how thin and accurate your final cut will be. has published a guide to what scroll saw blade to use for particular materials.

Best Scroll Saw Blades UK – The Top 5

These are our picks as the best scroll saw blades in the UK, starting with a classic example of pinned standard tooth blades:

1. Atople 40pcs Saw Blade Carbon Steel Tooth Scroll Saw Blade

ATOPLEE 40pcs 1#, 2#,10#, 12# Saw Blade Carbon Steel Tooth Scroll Saw Blade [ 10pcs of Each Size]
  • Tooth Scroll Saw Blades for processing of wood, plastic, model, gold jewelry, organic glass, metal plate etc.
  • Not easy to be broken even if it is fine, can be keep sharp in a long time.
  • Curve sawing is very relaxed, the blade is not stuck.
  • Blade Length: approx 130mm
  • Blade Width: 1#=0.6mm; 2#=0.63mm ; 10#=1.26mm; 12#=1.45m

A total of 40 blades are supplied in Atople’s bumper box of standard tooth blades. 

There are four different widths, ranging from 0.6mm to 1.45mm, though the distinction between different sizes isn’t always obvious.  

The carbon steel construction makes these hard to snap or break, and user reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

Pros: Great value and will last for a long time

Cons: Not much to criticise

2. Jwn 12pcs 5″ 10/15/18/24 Teeth Pinned Scroll Saw Blades

12pcs 5" 10/15/18/24 Teeth Pinned Scroll Saw Blades Woodworking Saw Blades Power Tools Accessories 127mm Black
  • 3 x 10 TPI Scroll Saw Blades, 3 x 15 TPI Scroll Saw Blades, 3 x 18 TPI Scroll Saw Blades, 3 x 24 TPI Scroll Saw Blades
  • Teeth per Inch: 10/15/18/24 TPI
  • Length: 127mm/5"
  • Material: 60Si2Mn
  • Width: 2.8mm

This 12-piece set of black blades all measure 127mm, but that’s where the similarities end. TPIs vary from 10 to 24, while each design is more diverse than in other multipacks on this list. 

Tooth sizes also vary more than other products in our guide, which could help when switching between intricate and broader cuts. However, it means there are only three blades of any particular design.

Pros:  Diverse blade designs, highly rated by users

Cons: Favourite blades wear out quickly

3. TXErfolg 16 Pieces Wood Saw Blades for Compact Scroll

TXErfolg Scroll Saw Blades 10/15/18/24 Teeth Pinned Scroll Saw Blade for Sawing Wood/Plastic/Foam/Soft Metals - 16pcs
  • Made of high quality carbon steel, it has strong flexibility, can be bent at different angles, is rust resistant and has a long service life.
  • Dimensions: Total length: 132 mm. The distance between the left and right pins: 127 mm (5 inches). Width: 3 mm. Thickness: 0.3 mm.
  • 4 kinds of saw blades with different densities: 10 teeth, 15 teeth, 18 teeth, 24 teeth, 24 teeth Rolling saw blades can cut soft metals with low hardness.
  • Uses: It can be used for sawing wood, plastic, foam, suitable for Einhell BT-SS 405 E, RT-SS 120 L, TH-SS 405 E and TH-SS 405 EL roller saw or saws on casters with similar characteristics.
  • Quality Assurance: We use precision processing equipment to manufacture, with sharp teeth, clean and well-proportioned surfaces. If you have any questions, we will reply to you by mail within 24 hours.

Little-known brand TXErfolg provides four different TPIs across a pack of 16 standard tooth blades. 

Ranging from 10 to 24 TPI, the latter is suitable for slicing through soft metals while the former suits plastic and foam. 

Carbon steel construction gives the blades good rigidity and minimises the likelihood of rust, while each blade is 132mm in length and 0.3mm thick.

Pros: Affordably priced, good TPI range

Cons: Pinned blades may reduce their appeal

4. Silverline 763619 Scroll Saw Blades 130mm 10pk

Silverline 763619 Scroll Saw Blades 130mm 10pk 21tpi
  • Hardened carbon steel
  • For cutting wood, plastic and non-ferrous metals
  • 3 mm wide x 0.4 mm thick
  • 100 mm effective cutting length, 21tpi
  • Alternate off-set teeth

Available with one of four different TPI counts, Silverline’s ten-pack of blades are all standard tooth. 

Each blade is 0.4mm thick and 130mm long, with a sufficient cutting length of 100mm. There’s little price difference between the 10TPI and 24TPI blades, with 14 and 21 options in between. 

Carbon steel construction slices through non-ferrous metals, though some reviews note a degree of flex.

Pros: Cheap to buy, four different TPIs per pack

Cons: Pinned blades

5. Dremel MS52 Fine Wood Saw Blades for MS20 Compact Scroll/Table Saw

Dremel MS52 Fine Saw Blade 5-pack for Compact Scroll/Table Saw MS20, Accessory Kit with 5 Fine Saw Blades, 12 mm Cutting Depth for Woodworking
  • Dremel (MS52) fine wood saw blades with 7 teeth per cm for the finest cutting resuts
  • For use with Dremel MS20 Moto-Saw electric compact scroll saw
  • Ideal for straight and curved precision cutting in wood, chipboard, laminate, plywood, fibreboard and plastic
  • Blade depth 1.9 mm, Blade width 0.2 mm, Cutting depth 12 mm
  • Included: 5x woodworking saw blade for compact scroll saw (MS20)

The Dremel MS20 scroll saw weighs just 4kg and is also capable of working as a fretsaw. This handheld pedal-powered scroll saw only cuts to a modest depth, so the MS52 blades have a maximum cut depth of just 12mm. 

You get a pack of five pinned standard tooth blades, with seven teeth per centimetre, capable of slicing through materials as diverse as copper and acrylic.

Pros: Great for this model, high TPI

Cons: Limited cutting depth

Final Thoughts

Your choice of scroll saw blades ultimately depends on your requirements. For buyers on a budget, it’s hard to argue against the 40-piece Atople’s value for money. 

If your scroll saw supports pinned blades, Hopesing’s 16-piece set is likely to appeal. And if you’re a Dremel MS20 owner, only the company’s MS52 blades will suffice.

Take a few moments to read reviews of your shortlisted blades before purchasing, checking factors like the teeth configuration, pinned or pinless design and the blade length/thickness. This research should steer you towards the right product.

Best Scroll Saw Blades UK – Comparison Table

Atople 40pcs40130N9
Jwn Teeth Pinned12127Y8
Hopesing 16 Pieces16132Y7
Silverline 76361910130Y7
Dremel MS525100Y6