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Best Jigsaw Blades – 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide (The UK’s Top 5)

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The right jigsaw blade is essential for a clean, fast cut. In this comprehensive buying guide, we’ve spent many hours researching and testing the best jigsaw blades on the UK market.

Read on to find the best jigsaw blade for your next DIY project.

Best Jigsaw Blades Reviews in 2022 – The UK’s Top 5

1. Bosch Pro Jigsaw Blade Basic Set

Bosch Professional 10-Piece Basic for Wood and Metal Jigsaw Blade Set (for Wood and Metal, Accessories for Jigsaws)
  • The 10-piece basic jigsaw blade set - for professional results with soft wood, plywood, particle board, solid wood furniture board and fibreboard and very thin to medium-thick sheet metal
  • It contains jigsaw blades for straight and curved cuts in soft wood
  • Suitable for jigsaws of all power tool brands with T shank socket (single-cam shank socket)
  • Reliable results in metal and metal pipes
  • Scope of delivery: 2 x T 119 BO, 2 x T 119 B, 2 x T 111 C, 1 x T 218 A, 1 x T 118 G, 1 x T 118 A, 1 x T 118 B

Whether you need to cut through metal pipes or make decorative cuts in softwood, this 10-piece jigsaw blade set by Bosch is our top pick.

They are not cheap, and the storage case could be better, but their sharpness is a cut above – ideal for accurate and detailed work. 

10-piece setFlimsy storage case
Seven different blade typesExpensive 
High-quality, extra sharp construction
For curved and straight cuts in wood and metal pipe cutting

2. TopTools T101B Jigsaw Blades

25 x TopsTools T101B Jigsaw Blades Compatible with Bosch, Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee and many more
  • 25 piece TopsTools universal Jigsaw saw blade accessory kit
  • 25 piece TopsTools universal Jigsaw saw blade accessory kit
  • TopsTools T101B Jigsaw blades are designed and engineered using the highest quality materials and processes
  • T-shank design for maximum grip and stability which fits 90% of all current jigsaw makes and models
  • Variable-pitch tooth pattern for clean cuts in hard and soft wood, plywood, plastics, OSB, laminated particle board 3/16 In. to 1-1/4 In. thick

Made from high carbon steel, this 25-piece jigsaw blade set by TopTools is excellent value for money, featuring a universal T-shank design compatible with 90% of jigsaws out there. 

This is not a mixed set, so you get 25 T101B blades, suitable for cutting through wood, laminate, and plastics. While these blades do dull reasonably quickly, they are excellent value for the money. Ideal if you have a lot of decking or laminate to get through. 

Great value 25-piece setAll the same style
Universal T-shank designDull quickly
High carbon steel construction
T101B – for wood, laminate board, and plastics

3. Saxton Jigsaw Blades Set

30pc Saxton T Shank Jigsaw Blades Set T144D T101B T101BR T111C T101AO T118G Wood & Metal fit Bosch, Dewalt, Makita etc
  • T144D for fast cuts in wood, plywood and plastics up to 65mm thick – T111C for fast cuts in softwood 4-50mm, chipboard, plywood, fibre boards
  • T101BR for down cutting blade with splinter free cuts. For laminated wood and decorative veneers up to 50mm - T101B is suitable for cutting Softwood, chipboard, wood core plywood, fibre boards (3-30 mm), plastics/epoxy (dia. <30 mm)
  • T101AO (scrolling) Jigsaw Blades are ideal for making clean, rounded cuts on a wide range of wood – T118G is suitable for cutting thin sheet metal 0.5-1.5mm
  • Compatible with: AEG, Black and Decker, Bosch, Dewalt, Draper, Einhell, ELU, Evolution, Fein, GMC, Guild, Hitachi, Makita, Metabo, Milwaukee, Panasonic, Ryobi, Sparky, Skil, Silverline, Stanley, Titan, VonHaus, Worx and many more
  • Professional quality Jigsaw blades

Ideal for hobbyists, this 20-piece jigsaw blade set by Saxton contains six different blade types making it suitable for both fast and decorative cuts in wood or laminates, as well as cutting thin sheet metal. 

30-piece setNo usage guidance provided
Six different blade typesNot very durable
Ideal for hobbies
Cuts wood, plywood, laminates, and thin sheet metal

4. Umi by Amazon Jigsaw Blade Set

Amazon Brand – Umi Jigsaw Blades Set 20-piece, T-shaft, HCS HSS, Assorted Jig Saw Blades for Wood, Plastic and Metal Cutting
  • 【HCS / HSS Material】 HCS blades are ideal for cutting soft wood, plywood and fiberboard. HSS blades are suitable for cutting thin metal. High-quality jigsaw blade is robust and durable and has a longer service life
  • 【T-shaft Design】 The jigsaw blade with the T-shank fits most current professional jigsaws (BOSCH, Makita, Black & Decker, SKIL) and offers maximum stability.
  • 【Wide Range of Applications】 Different types of saw blades are suitable for clean, speed, curved cuts and scrolling.
  • 【Storage】 The sheets are organized with a portable plastic box for safe and easy storage.
  • 【Scope Of Delivery】 4X T119BO (12TPI), 4X T119B (12TPI), 4X T111C (8TPI), 2X T218A (21TPI), 2X T118A (21TPI), 2X T118B (12TPI), 2X T118G (23TPI), 1X plastic box.

This 20-piece set from Umi by Amazon contains four different HSS blades for thin-medium metal-cutting.

The set also features three types of HCS blades for wood and fibreboard, providing seven types of blades in total. All this comes in a handy storage case.

20-piece setCoated finish slightly dulled
Seven blade typesMetal blades are not very durable
Includes storage case
Suitable for wood, fibreboard, and thin-medium metal

5. WorkPro Jigsaw Blade Set

WORKPRO 25-Piece T-Shank Jigsaw Blade Set with Storage Case, Made with HCS/HSS/BIM, Assorted Blades for Wood, Plastic and Metal Cutting, Compatible with All Jigsaw
  • 【T-Shank Interface】More power from five points of contact. Fits all current professional consumer jig saws that accept T-shank blades as Bosch, Black & Decker, Makita, Dewalt
  • 【High Quality】WORKPRO set of jin saw blades are made from high quality HCS/HSS/BIM which makes them extremely durable, tough and long-lasting
  • 【Wide Application】Assortment of blades great for wood, plastic and metal
  • 【What You Get】25-piece set includes 5 each T118A/T144D/T101B, 3 each T123X/T101AO, 2 each T127D /T345XF jig saw blades, 1 pc storage case
  • 【Convenience】Set includes a durable storage case to keep blades organized for easy access.

This 25-piece jigsaw blade set by WorkPro features seven different blade types suitable for cutting through wood, plastic and metal. 

The set has a storage case but no information on how to use each blade. While they are not the sharpest, these blades are great for light DIY projects.

25-piece setNot very sharp
Seven different blade typesNo guide to different types 
Includes storage case
For wood, plastic, and metal

Best Jigsaw Blades – 2022 Comparison Table

NameKey FeaturesPriceScore
Bosch Pro Jigsaw Blade Basic Set10-piece set
Seven different blade types
High-quality, extra sharp construction
For curved and straight cuts in wood and metal pipe cutting
TopTools T101B Jigsaw BladesGreat value 25-piece set
Universal T-shank design
High carbon steel construction
T101B – for wood, laminate board & plastics
Saxton Jigsaw Blades Set30-piece set
Six different blade types
Ideal for hobbies
Cuts wood, plywood, laminates & thin sheet metal
Umi by Amazon Jigsaw Blade Set20-piece set
Seven blade types
Includes storage case
Suitable for wood, fibreboard, and thin-medium metal
WorPro Jigsaw Blade Set25-piece set
Seven different blade types
Includes storage case
For wood, plastic and metal

Jigsaw Blades Buying Guide

Fortunately, jigsaw blades are inexpensive and available in various types to suit the material you’re cutting and the finish you need. 

Here are some of the main types of jigsaw blades:

  • HCS – made from High Carbon Steel, these blades are flexible and make a smart choice for everyday soft materials such as wood and plastic. They’re not that durable but inexpensive to replace.
  • HSS – these are stronger High-Speed Steel blades, generally recommended for use on metal. As they are more rigid, they are less flexible, making them more prone to breaking, yet capable of cutting through more challenging materials.
  • BIM  – a combination of the above, BIM blades use flexible HCS for the body and HSS for the teeth. This combination produces a flexible blade that cuts exceptionally well. They are, however, more expensive, although they last much longer.  

Aside from their construction materials, jigsaw blades come in various configurations to provide you with an optimised cut for your needs.

  • High tooth count – gives you a smoother but slower cut – ideal for intricate work and hobbies.
  • Low tooth count – choose these blades for a faster cut with a rougher finish – suitable for parts of DIY projects that aren’t on show.
  • Downcut/reverse-tooth blades – ideal for kitchen worktops for a smoother top finish when you can’t flip your workpiece.

When you start looking for jigsaw blades, you’ll quickly discover many different types available for wood and metal. Today, most jigsaws take a T-shank blade, which you’ll see at the beginning of your blade type, e.g. T118 A or T119 BO.

After the T, the first number refers to the blade’s length. The various sizes are listed below:

  • 1 – Short, 3″
  • 2 – Average, up to 3 1/2″
  • 3 – Lengthened to 6″
  • 7 – Long (> 6″)

The first letter after the numbers refers to the tooth size, which goes from A-D, with A being the smallest. If there is a second letter, this refers to one of the following:

  • F – Bimetal.
  • O – For cutting curves.
  • P – Thickened blade to help ensure straight cut and less blade “wandering”.
  • R – Reverse-tooth.
  • X – Universal. Used for cutting a range of different materials.

If you’re new to using a jigsaw or need a quick refresher on changing jigsaw blades, check out this handy video: Jigsaw Usage and Tips.

Best Jigsaw Blades – Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the best jigsaw blades, you won’t find much better than the Bosch Pro Jigsaw Blade Basic Set

Thanks to their premium construction, these long-lasting, extra-sharp jigsaw blades outperform the competition for faster and more accurate cutting.