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Best Hacksaw UK – The Top 7 in 2021 (Buying Guide & Reviews)

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Whether you’re preparing a pipe, working on wood or moulding metal, a hacksaw is your best friend. However, many hacksaws struggle with anything more challenging than timber and are unsuited to more rigid materials like metal. To separate the wheat from the chaff, we’ve spent hours testing the seven best hacksaws for cutting metal and other hard objects. Read on to find out which hacksaw wins the title of ‘Best Sander UK’

If you’re short on time, we highly recommend the Stanley 0-20-108. It’s uniquely flexible (though not literally – its lightweight frame can deliver 100kg of blade tension) and has five different configurations, including one as a jab saw.

While any hacksaw can cut plywood, it takes a certain amount of chassis strength to tackle more challenging materials. We feel the Stanley 0-20-108 has this strength in abundance.

In a Hurry? Here’s our Top Pick for the Best Hacksaw UK in 2021:

Stanley 0-20-108 Fatmax 5-In-1 Hacksaw
  • Versatile 5-in-1 hacksaw is perfect for heavy duty cutting of wood, plastic and metal pipes, bars, rods and conduit
  • Quick release adjustable tension holds the blade with up to 150kg tension for faster and straighter cutting
  • Bi-material front and back handles for improved comfort and application during use
  • Standard position is a 90° hacksaw with large throat depth between blade for improved cutting capacity
  • Blade can be quickly positioned to a 45° angle for making flush cuts

Blades of Glory

Every hacksaw on our list takes standard 12-inch blades, typically fitted with 24 teeth per inch (TPI). The TPI rating affects a blade’s ability to slice through hard materials like metal, so try to avoid replacement blades with a lower TPI. 

This Metals4U blog post discusses the advantages of angled blades and why the number of teeth per inch on a blade can make all the difference.

Bi-metal blades tend to be stronger, and several of our shortlisted hacksaws come with bi-metal blades as standard. One even has a dedicated housing for a second blade, which is ideal if you’re (literally and figuratively) chopping and changing on a job.

Flexible Friends

Some people simply need a hacksaw to cut through rigid objects, but others want more flexibility. Four of our shortlisted products have adjustable blade angles, which increase their versatility. 

One of the hacksaws on our list allows you to dismantle it, reducing its weight and size. This feature is super handy when working in compact spaces. Another hacksaw on our list is ultra-lightweight, minimising the arm ache familiar to anyone who’s spent long periods sawing through robust metal objects.

Get a Grip

Hacksaws place a lot of pressure on your fingers and wrists, so it’s better to choose a product with either a moulded or padded handle for a softer grip. 

Our list’s cheapest product has a basic diecast alloy handle, which is robust and unlikely to crack (as plastic mouldings tend to do as they age) but causes discomfort during long periods of use. However, it is also the lightest of our shortlisted products, and extra weight can also make it more tiring to use a hacksaw. 

Several of our recommended hacksaws have twin moulded handles for two-handed slicing. However, materials vary from textured rubber to more rigid plastic, which may begin to chafe after extended periods of use.

Best Hacksaw UK – The Top 7 in 2021

These are our best hacksaws for cutting metal, starting with a uniquely versatile product from one of the DIY daddies:

1. Stanley 0-20-108 5-In-1 Hacksaw

Stanley 0-20-108 Fatmax 5-In-1 Hacksaw
  • Versatile 5-in-1 hacksaw is perfect for heavy duty cutting of wood, plastic and metal pipes, bars, rods and conduit
  • Quick release adjustable tension holds the blade with up to 150kg tension for faster and straighter cutting
  • Bi-material front and back handles for improved comfort and application during use
  • Standard position is a 90° hacksaw with large throat depth between blade for improved cutting capacity
  • Blade can be quickly positioned to a 45° angle for making flush cuts

The Stanley Fatmax range extends to hundreds of products, all distinguished with the same canary yellow finish. 

Their oddly-titled 0-20-108 is a multifunctional hacksaw with a removable front section. When removed, the 0-20-108 becomes a handy jab saw. The blade can also be attached to the front of the frame for inside cuts.

However you configure the 0-20-108, it has a reassuringly solid grip handle. Its frame supports 100kg of blade tension, while there’s 120mm throat depth with the blade in its standard 90-degree position. The Fatmax can also cut at 45-degrees for flush cuts. 

There’s storage inside the chunky frame for spare blades, though the 0-20-108 comes with one 30cm 24 TPI blade.

Pros:  Reassuringly robust, supports 100kg of blade tension, part of the vast Fatmax range

Cons: Relatively heavy, blade changing not intuitive

2. Bahco 319 Hacksaw Frame

Bahco 319 Hacksaw Frame, 300mm Blade
  • Blade Length: 300mm
  • For straight cutting with maximum effect
  • Comfortable non-slip handle

You might not have heard of Bahco, but this hand tool specialist traces its origins back to 19th century Sweden. 

Among today’s roster of 14,000 products is the 319 – a reassuringly industrial-looking device with rubberised grips at both ends. It’s almost half the Fatmax’s weight, which will reduce fatigue while slicing through rigid materials, and it’s also well balanced.

Bahco’s two-component 319 frame has a spring-tensioned blade loading mechanism. 

It also includes a 55-degree mounting position in addition to the standard 90-degree setting. It’s supplied with a 24 TPI blade, offering considerable cutting force.

Pros:  Well-balanced with tactile rubber handle, sturdy construction and a spring-tensioned blade housing

Cons: Not a steel frame, limited configurations

3. Irwin 10504407 I-125 New Professional

Irwin 10504407 I-125 New Professional Metal Hacksaw and Blade with Soft Grip, 300mm
  • The I-125 is able to to reach over 125kg blade tension to ensure accurate cutting
  • Aimed at meeting the demands of professional users
  • Mushroom pins prevent the blade from being released when the saw is dropped
  • The ergonomically shaped handle ensures a comfortable grip
  • The 90 deg and 180 deg blade setting options are a handy facility

The Irwin 10504407 I-125 gets its name from its 125kg blade tension and wins the best budget award with its practical cost-cutting design.

This Irwin hacksaw uses mushroom pins to prevent the blade from releasing if it falls or slips and supports 180-degrees and 90-degree blade positions.

At 839g, it’s a heavyweight in this company, while it comes with the standard single 24 TPI blade.

Pros:  Affordable, soft-grip handles, extremely high blade tension

Cons: Relatively crude design, no storage for spare blades

4. Milwaukee 48220050 12″ High Tension

Milwaukee 48220050 12" High Tension Hacksaw, Red/Black
  • included components: 1 x Milwaukee High Tension Hacksaw, 1 x 12 / 24 Tpi blade

Compared to the dull-looking Irwin, Milwaukee’s frame’s vivid red splashes seem quite bold. You certainly wouldn’t have any problems finding this hacksaw in a tool bag, while its rounded edges stop it snagging on thumbs or other objects.

Despite being the most expensive hacksaw on our list, the Milwaukee 48220050 does little to distinguish itself in any particular area. It offers a solitary 24 TPI blade, its weight is average at 771g, it takes 12-inch blades just like the products reviewed above, and it has no surprise-and-delight features. 

Instead, Milwaukee’s 48220050 offers quality construction, dependability, and a bi-metal blade that can cut angle iron, brass, pipework, and steel.

Pros:  Robust, hardwearing, makes light work of iron and steel

Cons: Expensive, offers nothing to distinguish it from rivals

5. OX OX-P130730 Pro High Tension Hacksaw

OX OX-P130730 Pro High Tension Hacksaw - Heavy Duty Hacksaw - Multi Tool Hacksaw Blades - Rubber Grip Handle – Multi-Colour - 12-Inch
  • HACKSAW BLADES: The blades on the OX High Tension Hacksaw are replaceable and can be changed quickly and with ease. This also makes the Hacksaw an efficient as well as a reliable tool.
  • RUBBER GRIP HANDLE: The OX High Tension Hacksaw comes with a rubber grip handle which provides comfort during use and is also slip-resistant.
  • ACCURATE CUTTING BY HACKSAW: The OX High Tension Hacksaw has a sturdier frame, which helps in removing flex; equating in easier, straighter, and more accurate cutting.
  • WIDE APPLICATION OF HACKSAW BLADES: The Blades of the OX High Tension Hacksaw can cut through metal, steel, wood, making the Hacksaw a multi-purpose tool.
  • POSITION OF BLADES WHILE USING: The blades on the OX High Tension Hacksaw can be positioned at 45 or 90-degree cutting angle.

If the Milwaukee looks bold, OX’s P130730 is positively flamboyant, with cyan extending across every part of the body and even the supplied 12-inch bimetal 24 TPI blade. 

The OX-P130730’s chunky rubber grip handle is framed by release levers resembling stair gate fastenings, while the front end also has a thick handle in situ. This chunky handle makes the OX-P130730 relatively unsuitable for narrow spaces than the more minimalist products on our list, yet it’s excellent for two-handed cutting.

OX claim their high tension hacksaw has minimal chassis flex for straighter cutting, while the position of blades themselves can be either 45 or 90-degree angles. At 850g, it’s heavier than every product except the Stanley, though the milled blade tension wheel is pleasingly tactile.

Pros:  Very tactile, adjustable blade angle, great for flex-free one or two-handed cutting

Cons: Quite heavy, questions over its longevity

6. Eclipse Professional Hacksaw 70-24TR

Eclipse Professional Tools 70-24TR High Tension Professional Hacksaw, Blue
  • Aluminium frame for strength and durability
  • Up to 200 kg force tension achievable for more accurate cuts
  • Quick blade change mechanism
  • Alternative 45 Degree blade mounting for flush cutting
  • Frame is fitted with an eclipse shatterproof bimetal plus 30 24 TPI blade

Hacksaws don’t come more minimalist than Eclipse’s 70-24TR. A single tubular arm connects into an aluminium handle with no moulding or padding, while a solitary screw holds 12-inch blades in place. 

You won’t need instructions for this solidly built product, which weighs just 600g yet offers the ability to take up to 200kg of force blade tension.

As part of the Spear & Jackson Group, Eclipse’s history extends back over 260 years and today forms a family of 3,000 product lines. Made in England, the 70-24TR will cut through softer metals like brass, aluminium and steel. It also comes with a shatterproof bi-metal blade with 24 TPI.

Pros: Straightforward to use, strong and durable, can deliver 200kg force blade tension

Cons: No versatility or flexibility, grip may feel uncomfortable after protracted use

7. Facom 601 Hacksaw

Facom 601 Hacksaw, 300mm
  • Higly durable hacksaw
  • Impact resistant frame
  • High blade tension
  • Comfortable handle
  • Allows two-handed use

Facom’s 601 makes its two-handed design obvious with a subtle curve to its spine, with moulded hand grips at both ends. 

At just 100g, the Facom 601 is the featherweight of this group. Despite its negligible weight, the Facom is still supplied with a standard 12-inch 24 TPI blade, while the impact-resistant resin-coated steel frame withstands knocks and bangs in a tool bag.

Blade switching and tightening is simplicity itself, while the slash of red across its French-made frame is reminiscent of the Milwaukee hacksaw. The blade pin mountings are perhaps less sturdy than some users might prefer.

Pros:  Extremely lightweight, great for two-handed use, sturdy frame

Cons: Basic, relatively expensive considering its simplicity

Best Hacksaw UK – Final Thoughts

Any of the hacksaws in our list will do a fine job of slicing through soft metals, hardwoods and reinforced pipework. None is expensive to buy, though some are more than twice the price of others. And despite variations in blade attachment mechanisms and overall design, you can expect many years of dependable service from all of the items we’ve tested.

It’s not the most expensive product in this guide, but it’s hard to see past Stanley’s Fatmax. Despite being the heaviest hacksaw, it offers features no rival product can match, like blade storage and jab saw functionality. Being able to dismantle the frame is a unique function, which hugely boosts its versatility with the added benefit of lowering in-use weight.

Similar to the Bahco, OX and Irwin hacksaws, the Stanley provides blade angle adjustment, making it a flexible tool to have in your toolkit. 

Other hacksaws in our list are lighter than the Stanley but ultimately lack its versatility, though the Irwin is impressively cheap. The Eclipse also has a low sticker price, but its bare metal handle might prove tiring if you’re working with it for a while. Conversely, the Milwaukee 48220050 does little to justify its high price other than some reasonably bold design elements.

The OX is an outlier on our list, with its cyan colour palette and spring-loaded locking mechanism. It’s mid-priced and relatively heavy without offering the blade storage or flexibility of the similarly beefy Stanley. However, it’s got one of the best double-handed grips of any product on our list. And while aesthetics are often a low priority for avid DIYers, there’s no doubt the OX would be the best-looking present to unwrap.

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Best Hacksaw UK in 2021 – Comparison Table

ModelWeightBlade lengthBlade angle adjustment?Blade storage?Moulded handle?Rating
Stanley 0-20-1081kg12 inchYesYesYes9
Bahco 319560g12 inchYesNoYes8
Irwin 10504407839g12 inchYesNoYes8
Milwaukee 48-22-0050771g12 inchNoNoYes6
OX OX-P130730850g12 inchYesNoYes8
Eclipse Professional 70-24TR600g12 inchNoNoNo6
Facom 601100g12 inchNoNoYes7