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Best Bathroom Paint in 2024 — Dulux vs Johnstones (UK Buying Guide)

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I recently researched and tested the best bathroom paint in the UK while creating our comprehensive paint guide. Ultimately, I narrowed it down to two products — Dulux’s Easycare and Johnstone’s Bathroom.

I rated each product on its colour range, durability, ability to repel moisture and how simple they’re to clean. Read on to find out which one is my overall favourite.

Dulux vs Johnstones

dulux versus johnstones

 When reviewing these two bathroom paints, we compared the following: 

  • Range of colours 
  • Size options
  • Durability 
  • Ability to repel moisture
  • General application and coverage
  • How easily it cleans

Dulux Easycare

Dulux Easycare

  • Moisture resistant
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Coverage: up to 14 square metres per litre
  • It takes six hours to fully dry
  • Soft sheen finish
  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • Requires two coats

Dulux’s stand-out feature is its unique MouldTec formula, which protects against mould for up to five years and repels heavy moisture. Whilst other bathroom paints might use their glossy formula to protect against damp and mould, Dulux’s MouldTec formula is unrivalled. 

When I’m painting my bathroom, Dulux’s Easycare is what I use. 

MouldTec formula protects the paint against mould for up to 5 years.It might need three or four coats to get a perfect finish.
Chromalock technology forms a protective film that protects colour from daily wear and tear.More expensive.
It comes in a soft sheen finish, which is about 10x tougher than Dulux’s standard emulsion.
Its soft sheen finish repels moisture rather than letting it soak into the surface.
Effortlessly goes on with a paintbrush or roller.
Touch dry in 1–2 hours, ready for a second coat after 5–6 hours. 
Easy to clean.
Available in two sizes.
26 different colours.

Johnstone's Bathroom

Johnstone's Bathroom

  • Resists moisture and grease
  • Low odour
  • Coverage: 12 square metres per litre
  • Two-hour drying time
  • Matt finish
  • Available in a wide range of colours

Next up is Johnstone’s Bathroom paint, specially created for high-condensation areas. This paint creates a wipeable surface that resists moisture and stains thanks to its soft sheen finish.

Wipeable soft sheen finish resists moisture and grease.Slight colour inconsistency between cans.
Specially formulated for use in damp areas.It needs 3–4 coats to produce a solid colour. 
Water-based paint, so less VOCs and odour. Only one size is available.
Applies smoothly with a paintbrush or roller. Fewer colour options.
Less expensive.
Dries in 1–2 hours, ready for a second coat after about 4 hours. 

Best Bathroom Paint — 2024 Comparison Table

Dulux EasycareJohnstone’s Bathroom
Sizes Available1L and 2.5L.2.5L.
Colour Range26 colours.12 colours.
Price RangeApprox £20–25 for 2.5L.Approx £15–18 for 2.5L.
Durable10x tougher than standard emulsion. Chromalock technology ensures excellent colour durability against daily wear and tear.Unique wipeable formula resists grease/stains.
Mould/Moisture ResistantMouldTec technology prevents mould for up to 5 years.Specially formulated to work in high-condensation areas.
Application and CoverageEasy to apply with a paintbrush or roller but requires 3–4 coats, depending on colour.Easy to apply with a paintbrush or roller but requires 3–4 coats, depending on colour.
Rating out of 109.5/108.5/10

Bathroom Paint Buying Guide

new bathroom

Bathrooms require specialist paint that handles moisture and harsh scrubbing. Furthermore, a smooth, wipeable surface is essential if you frequently clean up after small sticky hands or muddy paws. 

Best Type of Paint for Bathrooms

I always recommend water-based paints because they contain less Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and produce fewer fumes than oil-based paints, making them more environmentally friendly and less hazardous. Moreover, they’re durable and easy to clean — two essential features for the bathroom! 

Also, go for paint with a sheen finish, as it’s easier to clean and bounces light around, which is great for small bathrooms lacking natural light.

Moisture and Mould

The best bathroom paints include unique ingredients that protect and seal surfaces, preventing water from soaking into your walls.

Look for bathroom paints with an anti-mould and mildew formula to ensure your paint has these essential ingredients.

Choosing the Perfect Palette

Colour Palette

Bathrooms are typically small and lack natural light, leading many people to choose a neutral white colour, as it makes rooms feel bigger, especially in a glossy finish.

However, white is not the only option. Opt for blue, green, and teal shades if you want to recreate a traditional ocean breeze-style bathroom palette. Complement this palette with neutral tones such as light greys, white and sand for smaller details.

To enjoy Scandinavia’s relaxed style, choose light shades such as light blues, greys, and pastel colours. This palette works great in any space, but lighter shades are perfect for small bathrooms. Alternatively, opt for neutral colours and add some stand-out touches, such as bold burgundy tiles or furniture.

Whatever colour palette you choose, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the rainbow of colours available. If you want to get a feel for how each colour will look in your bathroom, we love Dulux’s Visualiser app, which uses augmented reality (AR) technology.

Gloss or No Gloss?

Gloss finishes are highly reflective, making smaller spaces appear larger. Moreover, their reflective surfaces are easier to clean than matt or textured finishes, making them ideal for bathrooms.

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend Dulux’s Easycare if you want paint that resists moisture and dirt. And with 26 colours available, you will surely find your perfect shade.

It may cost a little more than Johsnton’s Bathroom paint, but the results are well worth it.

Pro Tip: If your bathroom already has mould and mildew, check out our guide to painting over mould and mildew.