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How To Use Decorators Caulk

I love decorators caulk, it’s like a magic wand for giving a perfect finish! Cheap and easy to use, decorators caulk is a versatile filler, applied with a caulking gun. Even after it’s dried, the caulk remains flexible.

These attributes make it a brilliant option to fill cracks, as they stay looking perfect even if there is some movement around the crack. In fact, you may find this is where decorators caulk is superior to traditional powder filler which can form cracks if there is any further movement.

The benefits don’t stop there. Decorators caulk is commonly used to fill gaps around skirting boards, door architraves, window and door frames, and coving. Caulk is easily smoothed, you can even use your finger to smooth it! It also dries much faster than powder-based fillers.

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Read on to get the most out of your decorator’s caulk…

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How to Use Decorators Caulk

1. Prepare The Tube For Use

Remove the nozzle from the tube and snip off the top of the sealed cap underneath. Replace the nozzle and cut an opening at the top.

Make the cut at a 45-degree angle, cutting off as little as possible. Remember, you can always cut more off if needed, but you can’t stick more nozzle back on!

Pro Tip: You want to make the end of the nozzle about the same size as the gap you’re filling

2. Load The Cartridge

Now load the decorator’s caulk tube into your caulking gun. First, put the nozzle through the end of the frame of the caulking gun, then align the cartridge with the pushrod. Once it’s securely in place, pull the trigger and squeeze a little caulk out to make sure it’s all working.

3. Clean The Area

Cleaning the area is really important as dirt will ruin the finish. Before you start make sure the area is clean and free of dust and dirt.

Pro Tip: Decorators caulk comes in internal and external grades, so make sure you get the one you need.

4. Mind The Gap!

filling gaps with caulk

You’re now ready to fill any gaps. To achieve a professional finish, have a damp sponge or rag ready, then place the nozzle of the cartridge at the start of the crack/gap.

Pull the trigger to squeeze caulk out of the cartridge and run the nozzle along the crack, filling as you go along. Try to keep the motion smooth and application even. Work at a slight angle to the crack.

When you’re satisfied you’ve filled the length of the crack, using your damp sponge or rag, wipe along the surface of the crack.

Another option is to use a wet finger and use your rag to clean your hands instead. The goal is to leave a smooth flat finish so it blends in. You may find it helpful to push the caulk into the crack as you go along. When you do this you may find you need a little more caulk to fill the crack to get a smooth finish.

5. Allow To Dry

Once you’re happy with the finish, check the instructions on your cartridge to see how long the caulk needs to dry. Drying time is usually around an hour, but it’s worth double-checking. Once your caulk is dry you can decorate over it.

6. Clean Up

You can remove the cartridge from the gun using the release trigger situated at the back of the handle. You don’t need any special chemicals to clean up any spilt caulk, which is always a bonus. Just use warm water to clean your hands and gun.

You can put a spare nail or screw into the end of the nozzle if there is any caulk left in the cartridge. Taking this step will stop the remainder from drying out.

Pro Tip: Decorators caulk can be stored almost anywhere, but extreme low or high temperatures can affect the consistency so be careful storing in your shed or garage through winter.

Final Thoughts

Decorators caulk is easy to use, extremely versatile and cheap! Cracks remain filled due to its flexible properties, so even if there is some movement, it won’t crack but rather move with the crack.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below if you found this guide useful and managed to put these steps into action. As always, please remember to share if you think your family and friends will find this guide useful.

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