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Air Source Heat Pump Cost in 2023 (UK Price Guide & Money-Saving Tips)

Exploring ways to reduce fuel bills, especially in today’s environment, is important for any homeowner.

Installing a heat pump is one option you can explore to generate heat and save cash. But How Much Does an Air Source Heat Pump Cost in the UK, and how much can you save on your energy bills?

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What are Heat Pumps?

diagram of how heat pumps work

The name ‘heat pump’ refers to various pieces of machinery. At the most basic level, they all take heat from a specific source and transfer it to a different outlet, heating either air or water.

Heat pumps are traditionally used for space heating via radiators, underfloor systems or warm air convectors. You can also reverse the process of space heating and use the same pumps for air conditioning or cooling. You can learn more about heat pumps’ technical aspects by reading this guide from the Renewable Energy Hub.

How do Air Source and Ground Source Heat Pumps Work?

how does a heat pump work diagram

Heat pumps extract warmth from a particular source and boost it to a higher temperature. The heat is then moved to a different place or utilised in a particular system.

There are two main types of heat pumps — Ground Source Heat Pumps and Air Source Heat Pumps.

Ground Source Heat Pumps 

Ground source heat pumps take the heat from the ground outside your property, extracting warmth from the residual heat of the earth or underground water sources.

Air Source Heat Pumps 

Air source heat pumps take warmth from the outside air. This warmth gets absorbed at low temperature into a fluid and passed through a compressor to increase its temperature.

The energy of the hot liquid is then used in one of two ways, depending on the type of air-source heat pump system:

1. Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

These heat pumps transfer the hot liquid’s energy to your wet central heating system. Their heat isn’t quite as warm as that of traditional boilers. The systems, though, work well with larger radiators or underfloor heating.

They also qualify for the UK government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, through which you can get quarterly cash payments for seven years — all for installing a renewable energy heating system.

2. Air-to-Air Heat Pumps

Air-to-Air heat pumps use the hot liquid they produce to heat the air in your home. To do this, they utilise fans or similar pieces of equipment. Unfortunately, these systems do not qualify for the RHI.  

This video from The Engineering Mindset provides a great explanation of the technology behind heat pumps.

Air Source Heat Pump Running Costs in 2023

An air-source heat pump can be significantly more cost-efficient in the long term, especially if you’re replacing an older, inefficient heating system. You can recoup the cost of installing the pump quite quickly.  

The following table shows how much you can save annually by replacing your current heating system with an air source heat pump. The figures come from the Energy Savings Trust and are based on an average-size four-bedroom detached property:

Existing SystemAnnual Fuel Bill SavingAnnual RHI Payments
Old (G-Rated) Gas Boiler
New (A-Rated) Gas Boiler
£560 to £650
£105 to £110
£1,341 to £1,586
Old Electric Storage Heaters
New Electric Storage Heaters
£1,065 to £1,315
£695- £815
Old (G-Rated) Oil Boiler
New (A-Rated) Oil Boiler
£930 to £1,100
£285 to £330
Old (G-Rated) LPG Boiler
New (A-Rated) LPG Boiler
£1,365 to £1,610
£565 to £660
Coal-Based System£540 to £665

How much you save depends on factors other than the system you’re replacing. Your property must be well insulated, and it’s crucial to fill gaps in window frames and walls.

How Much Does an Air Source Heat Pump Cost to Install in 2023?

Air source heat pumps look almost identical to air conditioning units. They’re much simpler and less disruptive to install than the ground source version. Your garden doesn’t need to be destroyed to install them, as the heat gets taken from the air.

Installing an air source heat pump isn’t something you should do yourself unless you’re a qualified and experienced expert. If not, find a tradesman to handle the installation for you.

Installation of an air source heat pump isn’t cheap — the Energy Savings Trust estimates that you’re likely to spend somewhere between £6,000 and £8,000. However, as the above table shows, you could potentially recoup that amount in a few years.

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Air Source Heat Pump Cost — Final Thoughts

Hopefully, our guide to air source heat pumps and how much they cost has helped you to decide if such a system is the right choice for your property.

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