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What Do Triple Glazed Windows Cost in 2020?

Climate change and energy efficiency are more important than ever right now. As a result, triple glazing is becoming more common in colder countries. But what is it, and what do triple glazed windows cost? Read on to decide if it’s right for you, including the potential price. 

Triple Glazing – What Is It? 

As its name suggests, triple glazing contains three panes of glass, comprising an outer pane, inner pane, and central pane. An insulating gas such as Argon is housed in between the panes, improving your home’s ability to retain heat. As triple glazing contains an extra sheet of glass and an additional casing of Argon or similar, it makes sense to suggest that triple glazing offers a higher level of insulation. 

Will Triple Glazing Save Me Money? 

Up to 20% of heat energy can be lost through your home’s windows. Glass is a natural conductor, so if the windows in your home only offer single glazing, it’s highly likely you’ll feel the heat loss. 

With this in mind, triple glazing will save you money on your heating bills if you’re upgrading from single glazing, or older, less-effective double glazing. If you already have double glazing, it’s worth looking at the WER rating of the windows before rushing out to get triple-glazed windows installed. 

Your Window Energy Rating (WER), is calculated from its ‘U’ value (the thermal efficiency of the glass and the frame as a whole), any possible air loss through the window seals, and the ability of heat from the sun to pass through to the glass and warm the room. The lower the ‘U’ value, the better. 

Even if the WER rating of a triple-glazed window beats your current double glazing, you have to remember that triple glazing is expensive. It could be a long time before seeing a return on the additional costs in having these windows installed.

Are There Other Ways to Save Money on My Heating Bills?

Check that your home is well insulated. This could mean re-applying sealant around windows and doors, plugging any gaps, and checking the insulation level in your loft, especially if you might be considering boarding out your loft to make extra storage space

Another great way to combat heat loss is to hang some heavy, or thermal, curtains on doors and windows. 

You can also get secondary glazing, which involves having a second window fitted internally, thus creating a double glazing effect. This is a lot less expensive than installing triple glazing, although it may not be to everyone’s taste. 

Triple Glazing vs Double Glazing

comparison between triple glazing and double glazing

Double glazing typically has a U value of 1.6 and thermal performance of A+, whereas triple glazing has a U value of 0.8 with a thermal performance of A++. If you’re looking to upgrade older or single-paned windows, triple glazing may well be the best option. However, bear in mind that the frame material should be included in the thermal efficiency calculation. 

For example, UPVC frames are less efficient than wooden frames, so if you already have wooden frames and are looking to upgrade from wood-framed double glazing to UPVC-framed triple glazing, it’s possible that your upgrade will be counter-effective. 

Here are a few factors to consider before deciding whether triple glazing is right for you: 

Advantages of Triple Glazing

  • Reduced heating bills and comfortable room temperature. More environmentally friendly due to retaining warm air, using less fuel and emitting less heat.
  • Less noise – an extra pane of glass will naturally improve the soundproofing, which is great if you live near a busy road.
  • Less chance of condensation between panes, which can indicate a break in the insulation in double glazing
  • Extra security against intruders due to a thicker, three-paned barrier, keeping you and your family safe.

Disadvantages of Triple Glazing

  • Triple glazing is 20-30% more expensive than double glazing. 
  • The high price means you’ll likely be looking at a longer return on investment when compared with the savings on your heating bills.
  • Having an extra pane of glass makes it more difficult for light to penetrate the window, which will affect the room’s lighting, especially those with north-facing windows.

How Much Does Triple Glazing Cost in 2020?

Prices depend on location, supplier, how many windows you have, and the material dimensions required. Factors to consider include material cost, price of installation, and any charge to remove the old windows. 

You’ll need to obtain specific quotations for your property, but here are some guide prices to give you an idea of what you might expect to pay. Prices have been collated from various sources across the web, details of which can be found below the following table:

Triple Glazing Cost Comparison Table

TypeDescriptionNumber of WindowsCost Range
2 Bed FlatInstallation of triple-glazed windows4£1,940 – £2,000
2 Bed TerraceInstallation of triple-glazed windows5£2,425 – £2,500
2 Bed Semi-Detached HouseInstallation of triple-glazed windows7£3,395 – £3,400
3 Bed Semi-Detached HouseInstallation of triple-glazed windows9£4,365 – £4,400
3 Bed Detached HouseInstallation of triple-glazed windows12£5,820 – £6,000
4 Bed Detached HouseInstallation of triple-glazed windows15£7,275 – £7500

The more windows that need replacing, the lower your cost per window will be. I’d recommend budgeting for your replacement windows and having the work done in one go. If you’re considering having your windows replaced gradually, this will cost you more in the long run. 

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Getting Quotes

installing triple glazing

Building Regulations apply when altering a home in some way. This includes windows, so you should ensure that your installation complies with these regulations. Look for an installer who is accredited with an organisation such as FENSA or Certass

An installer registered under a Competent Person Scheme will carry out the work to required standards, and the installation will be covered by an insurance-backed guarantee.

Of course, check reviews/testimonials of previous customers, and obtain at least three quotations. You can find a suitable tradesperson through Rated People.  

Final Thoughts

The above information should give you what you need to decide whether triple glazing is right for you. If it’s something you’re considering, contact Rated People for some detailed quotations

What is your current window set up? Is your property in need of updating to improve its insulation? Let us know in the comments below.

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