paint pads

How To Use Paint Pads

Cost Time Difficulty If you’re looking to paint those tricky spots in your house, paint pads are a great option. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to paint your walls, ceilings, and get in those tight spots. A traditional paint roller can get messy and paint pads provide a perfect alternative with a smooth and even […]

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types of nails

Types Of Nails – The Complete Guide To All 21

Even the most novice DIYer will be able to recognise a common nail, but did you know there are 21 types of nails? You can get ones with special heads for later removal, upholstery ones to attach fabric to furniture, and even specially shaped brads and staples for different projects. This complete guide to the 21 […]

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types of hinges

Types of Hinges – The Top 10

If you type the word ‘hinges’ into the search engine of an online DIY store, you’ll soon be mind-blown with the endless varieties and types of hinges available to buy. It can be a bit of a minefield actually, especially if you’re new to it all. Knowing which is the right type of hinge for your […]

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plaster types

Plaster – The Top 11 Types And How to Use Them

Bonding plaster, One Coat plaster or Tough Coat plaster? We all want that smooth, high-quality finish on our ceilings and walls, but where do you start? Getting a good finish on your first attempt at plastering a wall is a difficult and is almost impossible to learn from videos (I know because I tried!). It’s a […]

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wood battens

Wood Battens – How To Prepare A Wall For Dry Lining

While the bare brick look is trendy, many people still prefer a smooth wall. One way to achieve this is by attaching plasterboard over the masonry, using wood battens to provide support. This is a good method to use if you want to install insulation, as the battens provide a gap between wall and plasterboard […]

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carpet floor tiles

How to Lay Vinyl and Carpet Floor Tiles

Would you like to lay your own vinyl or carpet floor tiles with ease? Follow this tutorial step-by-step, and you could have a new floor in the space of a few hours.Vinyl and carpet floor tiles can be quite easy to lay. Which one you choose depends on the floor space you want to cover, […]

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fitting door architrave

How To Fit Door Architrave

Cost Time Difficulty Do you want to replace that old, chipped door architrave in your home? Are you looking to give your home a more modern and updated look? Whether you’re aiming for a luxurious or modern feel, replacing the old door architrave in your home is a great way to brighten it up and […]

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how to wallpaper around a window

How to Wallpaper Around a Window

IntroductionWallpaper has made a big comeback in home decor. No longer is it a thing of the past, only seen in midcentury homes that haven’t been updated since the 70s. Wallpaper can add colour and personality to any room, whether it’s an accent wall or covers every square inch. However, for some people applying it […]

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partition wall

How To Build A Partition Wall

Would you know how to make one large room into two by building a partition wall? When we moved into our current four-bedroomed house, not only was it a dump, but the previous owner had taken down a partition wall between two bedrooms to make it one long room, with unnecessary large areas of storage.As […]

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How To Treat Woodworm (and prevent it coming back)

You approach your roof timber, floor board or beautiful piece of solid wood furniture. You look closely, and there it is. Tiny little holes bored into the surface, the dreaded woodworm signs! You brace yourself, and turn to the internet and type: ‘How to treat woodworm’. Thankfully then this guide pops up and you relax, because […]

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plasterboard fixings

Plasterboard Fixings – The Top 7 You Need To Know

I’m guessing you arrived at this guide after going to the DIY store for some plasterboard fixings, expecting to have a couple to choose from, and then getting a little dizzy from all the choice. That’s what happened to me when I started writing this guide. I knew there would be different size fixings, and reckoned […]

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how to plaster a ceiling

How To Plaster A Ceiling

Have you been meaning to update that old cracked or crumbling ceiling at home? You’re probably dreading the thought of calling a professional plasterer for a budget breaking quote. The good news is you can do it yourself if you put in the time and effort. Plastering is messy and requires a lot of work, but […]

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painting skirting boards

Painting Skirting Boards – The Ultimate Guide

Repairing and painting skirting boards to match your home décor gives any room a polished look. However, you might only need to give your skirting boards a touch up, because like me, you have a young family and they inevitably become damaged. Alternatively, you may want to repaint them entirely to match your new home décor.  Either way, […]

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screw sizes

Screws: How To Pick The Right One For The Job

In this short, but comprehensive guide, we will explore the different types of screws, including their size and head type. You will also learn the difference between metric and imperial screw sizes. By the end of this guide, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on which screw you need for the job you’re tackling. […]

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lining paper

How To Use Lining Paper – The Complete Guide

Lining Paper is a quick and easy way to create a flat and smooth base on walls and ceilings, ready for either painting or wallpapering. Lining paper is a really effective and budget-friendly way to create a professional finish, without the cost of hiring a professional. You might wonder whether using lining paper is worth the […]

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patching plaster

Patching Plaster – How To Repair Walls And Ceilings

Do you have a crack or hole in your wall at home? Have you been putting off calling a professional plasterer to fix it? Patching plaster yourself may sound somewhat intimidating, but the truth is, it’s not as complicated as you might think. If you have the time and patience to take on the job, there […]

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how to paint a door

How To Paint A Door Like A Pro

They say when one door closes another one opens, but this only works if you haven’t painted the door shut. Luckily, I’ve written this handy guide on how to paint a door to ensure that both interior and exterior doors in your home are as fully functional as they’re beautiful. In this article, we’ll explore […]

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painting MDF

Painting MDF – A Step-By-Step Tutorial

MDF, short for ‘medium density fibreboard’, is a cheaper alternative to wood. MDF is made of wood fibres that have been combined with resin to form a board. The main surface of MDF is smooth, but the edges, which when cut expose the fibres, can be rough. It’s not difficult painting MDF, but you do […]

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Wallpapering Feature Walls – How The Pros Do It

Are you looking for ways to transform your dull room? If so, how about wallpapering a feature wall? Creating a feature wall using wallpaper is a great way to create a whole new look, brighten up a room and inject much-needed style. There were times when I thought that creating a feature wall in my front room […]

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how many drops in a roll of wallpaper

How Much Wallpaper Do I Need?

Blank walls are boring, so it’s fashionable to liven them up by papering them in a bold print. However, wallpaper has a reputation for being difficult to apply. Even before you start wrestling with paste and paper, you must work out how much wallpaper you will need. This guide will explain how to do precisely that. […]

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